Paris Interrupted


A friend and I are planning a holiday in Paris…but breast cancer interrupted us!

We were so disappointed, but there was nothing to do but let the diagnosis wash over us, then prepare for treatment and recovery.

Creative Coping

As you well know, one of my stress coping strategies is cleaning toilets. Hey, it beats hanging the cat!

But, I also knit and crochet for therapy. What better therapy can there be than to turn one’s own therapy into gifts for a friend?

So, when one cannot go to Paris with her friend, one brings Paris to her!


First, I needed special packaging to reflect the theme


Next a wee bit of bling to raise spirit. My friend is a Reiki Master and makes beautiful jewelry herself, but these are to wear during the premier of #OUTLANDER season 2 on STARZ TV based on the books by Diana Gabaldon.

In the meanwhile, she’ll have them to look forward to wearing while suffering through this season of ‘Droughtlander’!

ParisSparkleMy friend is not putting up a Christmas tree this year, so I made a wee tree with Paris sparkle for her to place in her home where she can enjoy it.


All together now, I think she will be pleased and I am so excited to give her these gifts of love.

Have you made things to give to friends when plan ‘interruptis’ occurs? I’d love to hear your story.

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