Let the Holidays Begin


At the hospital where I work, there are rules about decorating for the holidays. No real trees; no lights; nothing on the door of the office. However, when I discovered this pattern I figured they couldn’t complain or reprimand me for making a wee tree for each of my co-workers as holiday decor for our personal workstation.

I was in a funk. Holidays always raise my spirits, so I decided to peruse Pinterest for distraction and came across several handmade Christmas trees. I found a vintage pattern available on Etsy…after purchasing, I found the same pattern available for free.

Of course, me being me, I began the project with my usual ‘rhino principle’ approach and ended up with a forest!


Then in what I believe to be a ‘frenchy’ theme honoring the upcoming….well, sometime in 2016…second season of OUTLANDER where the story will take place in Paris, France, I began decorating my trees and additionally created different tree toppers.

The wife of one of my co-workers LOVES red, so for his tree….


I’m quite fascinated with the many ways one might decorate these wee trees and have continued to ‘rhino’ crochet myself into a happy place.

Let your holidays begin!


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