Thistle Chart Solution Inspiration


Gotta love inspiration!


I don’t practice the ‘rhino principle’ for nothing. Here’s an example of how I apply it.

Challenge #1

I could NOT make out the thistle pattern generated by KnitPro 2.0


Soo, I got the wild idea that I could take a photo of it with my phone camera-thistlephone

then choose Sketch Art and Viola!


Challenge #2

Reverse it


Challenge #3

Note to self + anyone else who may want to benefit from my learning. If one decides to knit a Outlander inspired Christmas Stocking, keep in mind the stocking hangs sideways and NOT forward facing! Not to mention, as one of my Stitchenach members brought to my attention, that all the stitches were twisted due to ‘knitting through the back loop’! Dinna Fash indeed!


It’s possible I may need to frog and start again…ugh!


In the end, I gave up long strand knitting and went back to the drawing board.

Knitting Lessons

  1. You learn a lot about knitting through making, then correcting, errors!
  2. You build capital in the ‘knitting patience’ bank
  3. Mistakes can lead to a better idea!


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