Tickle Mo Chridhe


Recall in episode 108 of the Starz Original series, based on the book OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon, when Claire says, “Christmas… I don’t suppose you hang stockings by the fire?” and Jamie answers,  “….to dry them off you mean?”

The scene is sweet and inspired me to want to create an Outlander Inspired My Heart Christmas StockingHowever, I have never knitted sox before. After searching the web for an hour or so looking for Christmas stocking patterns, I settled on the Picot Edge Stocking from GoodKnits.com.


I am happy to show you that sometimes this


and this


and this


can lead to this


Mixing young (think Claire’s time) with old, (think Jamie’s time), I decided to embellish the stocking with some 150 year old cotton tatted lace that I was given nearly 50 years ago by a former neighbor, who was 96 at the time, and made when she was a young lass.


I figured out how to cable in the middle of a knitted heart pattern and then lined the stocking with soft muslin fabric upon which I hand stamped ‘Mo Chridhe’ (Gaelic for: My Heart).




I am thrilled with the outcome, but what I enjoy most is musing about these possibilities:

  • Plan A-List the Outlander Inspired My Heart Christmas Stocking in my Etsy Shop, and if it does not sell…..
  • HAHEtsyBannerPlan B-Send the stocking to Diana Gabaldon as a ‘gift’ from JAMMF (James Alexander Malcomb MacKenzie Fraser), the character she created in her book OUTLANDER, and played by Sam Heughan, over whom so many of us are smitten


  • Plan C-Send the stocking to Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire in the OUTLANDER series, because so many of us harbor a wee wish her beauty and confidence might somehow rub off on us



Oooooooo, so many choices to tickle Mo Chridhe!

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