Up Cycling Lids


Every time I throw a container lid into the recycle, I wonder–“Isn’t there SOMETHING this can be good for?”  

Problem Solving

I like to set my morning coffee cup on a coaster, but sometimes the cup sticks to the coaster and when I pick it up, the coaster comes with the cup then drops!



I took to placing a paper towel to absorb any condensation, but I’m not fond of the esthetics.


A more esthetically appealing and good use of The Almost Lost Washcloth,


but…the over-hang seems excessive.

Inspiration struck this morning, so I retrieved a lid and began with my heart happy with anticipation!


  • Plastic container lid–I used a yogurt container lid, cutting off the exterior lip
  • Yarn scrap
  • Tapestry Needle


I used the pattern for the Mini Almost Lost Washcloth and made two to cover the trimmed lid and sewed them together.


It’s gonna be perfect! Problem solved!


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