Knitwear Closure Solutions



The best made plans!!!

Gifts of Extraordinary Consideration

I fell in love with this Drops pattern for a neck warmer and decided to make one as my Christmas gift for my 90-yr. old mother.

My mother appreciates handmade gifts because she crocheted table cloths, place mats, Christmas ornaments, 100’s of doilies, table runners and two bedspreads to give away over the years.

I loved every moment working on the piece and was very excited about seeing her open and wear it.


So, I was a little disappointed when I never saw her wearing it….then…

She told me a few weeks ago that she loved the neck warmer, but could not manage the stick pin closure due to macular degeneration and asked if I could make a ‘tie’ closure. I agreed and brought the piece back home to work on, but the more I looked at the work, the more I realised a ‘tie’ would ruin the look of the piece.

I’ve been wracking my brain for a hand-knit problem solving solution, finally settling on the idea of a large snap.

Yesterday I went to my local quilt shop to find some snaps. I was disappointed to find no snaps were hanging in the notions section of the shop….

However, I had a hand-knit problem solving inspiration moment!


Viola! Magnets are Not Just for Purses Anymore

As long as the ‘wearer’ doesn’t have a pacemaker or other metal implant, these magnet closures would help both elderly as well as any person with a small motor control issue, i.e. a Parkinson patient, etc.

My mother is delighted and so am I!

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