Pro Choice vs. Anti-Abortion Solution


I know it’s easier to travel with a Kindle reader…less bulk, less weight, less, less, less..nevertheless, it breaks my heart.

Are bookmarks passé?

When showing a friend one of the bookmarks I crocheted yesterday and she said, “I only read on my Kindle these days”, I thought, “Really? How does someone begin an interesting conversation these days about a book someone else is reading when no one can see the book?” The idea leaves me heart sick. I know, Jamie and Claire would agree with me!

Maybe that’s the point…no one wants to talk to someone else anymore. Ever gone into a restaurant and watch a table of people, none of whom are conversing with one another and all of whom are texting someone? ‘Course, perhaps one could argue they ARE conversing with someone at the table, but didn’t want anyone else at the table to hear what was being said.

To me, this technological ‘isolation’ is deafening!

I am bemoaning

  • the death of hand-held books
  • the death of handmade bookmarks
  • the death of a perfect conversation starter
  • the death of the art of conversation
  • the death of human inter-action
  • a future doomed with further technological isolation

I guess as long as the grid doesn’t go down, we can embrace our technology while we live isolationist lives.

Herb Garden Book



KellsBookmark Clairebook

Maybe I could use the bookmarks as giveaways and hope someone might want to tuck one into a book. Anyone interested in resurrecting a handheld book society, if only to receive a beautiful handmade bookmark?

Claire’s Herb Garden Fleurs


On the Upside

Perhaps I should embrace technology isolation. It could be the very solution to the Pro Choice-Right To Life debate! People will only be as close as their phone allows.


7 thoughts on “Pro Choice vs. Anti-Abortion Solution

  1. The me me me it’s all about me not you attitude is what is getting in the way of the interaction. Honey put down your stupid device for a minute I want to tell you about my day and tell you stories and share a few things with you. Works every time in our house but that’s just me being me and is not the best strategy for everyone. Hold on a sec the phone is ringing I’ll finish this comment in a few minutes

  2. There’s hope, MCatherine! My daughters prefer to read handheld books. They even print out pages of books I’m writing because they want the feel of paper when they read something of serious interest. And, beyond my family (much influenced by having a writer for a mom) I was delighted recently to visit a Barnes & Noble and find it FULL. A year ago, crowds were limited to the Kindle section but, on my last three visits, people were buying cloth-bound books! So please keep on crocheting your beautiful bookmarks — they’ll find appreciative homes!

  3. Never fear MC….the population will reproduce. They will however, be using electronics to hook up. Some of the most prolific readers I know do so through kindle… even has a book club to discuss their readings. Still, to me, there is no replacing a real book.

  4. Ah, my dear M-Catherine,

    There is a place that regards hand-made bookmarks almost as highly as you! . You can peruse their work at the “Crafts Forum” ( ) and if you wish, join up and talk about them a bit. I used to play a few roles in that endeavor, when it was one of the most active areas on the now defunct CompuServe service. Who knows, you might even enjoy taking part in their upcoming, annual bookmark swap?

    Well blast! Looks like I can’t share an image in your comments section. It was of a tatted bookmark by Wendy Duer as I recall.

    Peace -Gerry

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