Outlander Ferver-To The Yarn!

Skye Boat


I joined the OUTLANDER PATTERN CENTRAL group on Facebook. The group is filled with members who have literally helped with the grief healing of my outlander’ish heart one stitch at a time.

The TV Series

I am infatuated nay, obsessed with the OUTLANDER TV production.

I am grateful to Dianne, a high school classmate who just happens to tour Scotland with some regularity, because she mentioned in a Facebook post how she was looking forward to watching the upcoming series on STARZ…


based on the books by author Diana Gabaldon.


I’ve added to Gabaldon’s success by purchasing 10 copies of the first book. I plan to include a copy with hand-made-with-love creations as my Christmas gifts this year.

Outlander Pattern Central

I cannot tell you exactly how I stumbled upon the group. I think I simply ‘searched’ Outlander, saw the title OUTLANDER PATTERN CENTRAL, looked at the page and requested to join. I was accepted as a member around the 535 number. At the time of this post, our member number is   4,293 and growing!


One of our ultra-talented members suggested we name our group STICHENACHS, a little play on the Gaelic term, Sassenach, oft heard in the series, ye ken it!


Another clearly gifted graphic artist member, made our official logo, then listed a number of products we can purchase. Additionally, if we have enough sales, we may be able to redirect funds in support of a TBA worthy cause.

Outlander Pattern Central Logo

The Projects

Members in our group relish the challenging ‘adventure’ of figuring out how to create all the lovely knit, felt and costumes worn and seen in the show, similar to this one found on Etsy by KnitzyBlonde.


As part of my grief healing therapy I’ve been making several versions of ‘Claire’s Cowl’.

An additional ‘perk’ of being a member of OUTLANDER PATTERN CENTRAL is that the members are generous to share knitting skills, techniques and offer helpful solutions when one losses one’s way in the yarn. I love it when connecting projects and community turn into a Win! Win!

The Pattern

2 skeins of bulky yarn, Size #50 24″ circular knitting needles

Cast on

Holding both strands from each skein, cast on (I knit on ) 32 stitches + an extra stitch for the invisible join.

Invisible join 

The stitch

When working, be sure to always capture both strands into each stitch. I like using the garter stitch, (knit the first row, pearl the second row). Continue alternating between knit and pearl until the piece is about 24″ long.

Russian join

If a skien runs out of yarn, here’s an invaluable piece of knitting knowledge!

Binding off

I use the stretchy bind-off, which is the second example in the video

Seamless bind off the last stitch

It’s Easy! It’s Fast! It’s Fabulous!!!


Outlander Accessories  

I added an Outlander’ish kilt pin or book mark with charms to the gift.

Value Added

Neck Warmer ($35)

yellowwarmI sell the neck warmer in my Etsy shop as a ‘made to order’ piece and offer these Outlander’ish accessories too.

kilt pin ($20.00) Temporarily out-of-stock


Second option:


book mark ($15.00)


a stitch marker ($5.00+ shipping) for up to size 50 needles.


Don’t Look Back


I am doing my best to stop looking back and instead look forward to the rest of my life. I’ve read that introducing new activities is supposed to help with the grief journey. I am giving consideration to participating in a craft show at the hospital this year, featuring Outlander’ish creations. What do you think—does that sound as if it might be a good ‘action step’ forward?

Wishing you the best of the holiday season. May your days be cozy and bright.

FYI: Looks as if the Stitchenachs aren’t the only ones who relish all that knitwear!


9 thoughts on “Outlander Ferver-To The Yarn!

  1. I remember the day that I joined. It was the second day of the group’s existence and I was about number 48 and I thought well this is cool and I was completely flabbergasted at how fast it grew but it is an amazing group and I’m glad to be part of it! It has brought so many people back into knitting and crocheting!

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