Peltier Glass Company


Peltier Glass Company

Glass Hearts Made in USA

Hide A Heart’s original plain glass hearts were made of molded glass in the original molds in the original method up until closing in 2011 by Peltier Glass Company, established in 1886 and located in Ottawa, Illinois.

Hide A Heart is honored to have had our original hearts made by Peltier Glass Company and be part of the greater assemblage of illustrious clientele. 

We continue to use fused or molded glass hearts made in the USA for our products for which I create the inspiration ideas for adaptation, gift tags, and story cards. The hearts are currently pad printed by Tim at Lifeforce Glass in Tennessee by hand, then returned to Hide A Heart inventory and sales.

Hide A Heart has met the approval of Etsy’s Seller Guidelines.


The Story of Peltier Glass Company

Formerly located at 518 Deleon Street, Ottawa, Illinois, the following is the story of Peltier Glass Company found on Ottawa, Illinois Murals web page.

The murals designed and painted by E. Colin Williams and Murals by Jericho are located at La Salle and Jefferson Streets.

“In 1886, a young French glassblower named Victor Peltier opened his own company in Ottawa, Illinois. Peltier glass made opalescent glass, sheet glass, stained glass and glass marbles. Read more about the marbles on this site.

In these murals, you can spot not only the innovative machinery that occupied the factory, such as the marble making machine, 


you can see some of the products made by the company.

tiffany, marbles,etc

St. Patrick’s Church and Chicago’s Cultural Center represent some of Peltier’s clientele, as does the Ford Motor Company, which purchase Peltier glass for headlamps and shift knobs.

Louis Comfort Tiffany, whose lamps and products were much sought-after home decor, purchased colored glass from Peltier. 

Peltier Kids

Populating the mural are some of the smallest customers, (painters copied the faces of modern Ottawa children) as they enjoy the19th Century pastime of shooting marbles.

From Ottawa’s oldest factory, Peltier’s glass has traveled to all corners of the globe.”

Limited Supply

Easy Love Notes

As you can imagine, our hearts made by Peltier Glass Company are in limited supply, but you can still own a little glass heart made in the USA along with a large part of American history if you purchase one while supplies last.

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