Celtic Ring Rose

InterlockingLoopRoseYou can do it!

I made the sample above using Coats Cotton #10 Ecru crochet thread with a 1.9mm crochet hook.

Beginning ring: Leaving a 6″ tail, *Ch 10, slip st into first chain to form circle, ch 1

20 sc into center of loop, slp st into ch 1 at the beginning of the row, ch 2

20 hdbl c into to of each sc, bind off

*Ch 10 and slip one end of the chain through the first ring before making the slip st. into the first ch to form a circle.

Follow the directions for making the ring. Continue making rings that inter-connect until you have the number of rings you want to form the rose. 

The more rings made, the fuller and larger the rose will be. To figure out how large you want your rose, periodically whined the rings around one another to see the approximate size and adjust to taste.

NOTE: After finishing each ring, weave start and finish threads into the ring.  Otherwise there are too many strings dangling that can get caught up in proceeding work. EXCEPTION: Do not weave the 6″ tail on the first ring because you will use this thread to sew the rose together

What I Did

Made 3 Interlocking rings: Begin *Ch 10 then thread chain through the first ring before slip st to form circle, then follow directions for making interlocking rings

Additional Rings

5-7 interlocking rings

Ch 15, 25 sc into middle of loop, 25 dbl c

You should have 9-11 interlocked rings.


Begin with the first ring and spiral the other rings around, adjusting as you go to form the rose.  NOTE: Keep the front of each ring facing upward. Make sure the 6″ thread is protruding out the bottom of the roseCelticRingRose2

Thread the 6″ tail onto a tapestry needle and begin tacking the rings together, making sure the work does not un-spiral as you sew



Add a brooch pin, or hair clip to the back of the Celtic Ring Rose and Viola!

In some ways, I rather like the bottom of the rose and might make one with the brooch attached to the front…just for variety.

Celtic Ring Rainbow Rose


Viola!!!! You are welcome! 

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