5 Tips for Marketing on Air

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 8.49.47 AMAlthough we may not have a marketing budget, two creative brains have put together 5 Tips for Marketing on Air in 2014 to share.

One can learn a lot by observing what the ‘big market’ chains do to reward customers. However, as a micro business it is harder to offer monetary discounts on products because of ‘over head’ costs, such as office, production, packaging and shipping, which also includes gasoline.

Then there are the not so ‘hidden’ costs of doing business.

  • Trademark fees
  • Business Licensing fees
  • Web site fees
  • Listing fees
  • Sales fees
  • Craft fair fees
  • Time-social networking and marketing

to name just a few.

1. Perking Costs

PerkKingstonFor Etsy customers, I include a little ‘extra’ perk with each order.

There are always bits of this and that about; Ribbon, Charms, Buttons, Organdy Sacks, Card Stock–you know, this and that.

I love the challenge of turning ‘left-overs’ into something clever and useful. When I get an inspiration, I use up all the bits to make up several clever and useful ‘perks’. I like to imagine the smile on the face of my customer when they see there’s a wee extra THANK YOU included with an order.

Caution: One must be mindful of the time and cost of the bits for producing the ‘treasure perks’, otherwise the good will gained may not off-set the expense.

2. Embellished Packaging


Instead of discount, I embellish the packaging for repeat customers.

Most orders are wrapped with the imprinted Hide A Heart ribbon. It’s simple and sweet. For re-orders, I add a MADE with LOVE charm. For re-re-orders, I attach a ribbon rose.

Exception: I offer a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more hearts.

3. Blogging and Blog Comments
  • Schedule blog articles for publishing-mine are scheduled on the 2nd and 14th day of each month–call me silly, but I think there is a subliminal message about LOVE= 2/14
  • Set up a calendar–I use the calendar provided in Google to remind me to write a blog post
  • Make a list of blog topics–especially helpful when I get an idea, but have no time to write the article
  • Read a good blog article lately? Be sure to leave a relevant comment–you’ll want to sign-in to your biz email or blog so that the avatar is visible. I like to be signed into the HAHblog, so when someone clicks on my avatar, it takes them to this blog
4. Business Cards


I’ve listed the many ways to Hide A Heart to the back of our card

  • Keep a supply of business cards with you at all times
  • Think of everyone you see or speak with as a potential customer
  • Often casual conversations lead to an opportunity to chat about your business
  • Tack cards on bulletin boards
  • Include a card with every order
5. Labels


  • Put your business return label on every envelope or package posted, whether it’s business or personal mail–YES, even the utility, credit card, phone, and incidental bills!

Customer Feedback

I want to know my customers better, so I ask customers for comments by including this card:


Recently, I’ve begun to include this note in an email message.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your continued patronage of Hide A Heart.

We are currently conducting a customer analysis. To show our appreciation, please answer the three questions below and receive a 10% reimbursement of the item’s purchase price, which will be included in the package upon receiving your feedback by the end of today.

1. How did you find out about Hide A Heart products?

2. Is your purchase for personal use or a gift?

3. What about Hide A Heart would you recommend to someone else?

Any other comments would very much appreciated.

Thank You,
Hide A Heart
Marketing Department

Stay tuned for a post filled with customer feedback.

In the meanwhile, what ‘marketing on air’ strategies have you discovered?


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