Square Me Up!


I registered for SquareUp two years ago, but never implemented it. Whoa! Let me tell you, THAT was NOT a good thing!


Customers are the very best form of catalyst! Here’s an example:

My son was chatting up Hide A Heart with a potential customer who said, “I never carry cash. Do you take credit cards?” It’s a sign of the times, or at the very least, the sign of a different generation.

Mom! What are you Waiting For?

Of course we take credit cards for online orders. Of course we’d received the SquareUp device, but it was sitting in the original packaging on the desk. Fat good that was doing us, my son pointed out. “Better get it operational mother, otherwise I’m  going to lose this sale.”

Get Going!

So, let this be your love note of encouragement to sign up for SquareUp. Getting started is easy. All you need is a cell phone, bank account and an EIN #.

Strengths and Benefits

  • The credit card reader device free of charge
  • The SquareUp percentage is reasonable
  • The payment process is convenient for the customer
  • The deposit is in the biz account the next day
  • Customers are used to the convenience of SquareUp
  • Every small business should have one–it adds to your ‘credibility’
  • SquareUp=easy sales benefit for all

SquareUp Will Travel

If you plan to sell at bazaars this summer, SquareUp is a must. But, even if you only just drop by your local bank, post office or grocery store and end up chatting with the teller or clerk or someone waiting in line who wants to buy one of your products, but lack the cash, SquareUp is the answer.

So far, I do not see any downside to SquareUp. Do you?

2 thoughts on “Square Me Up!

  1. I purchased something from a small business in S. E. last week and this device was used to take my debit card. It was slick. I currently process credit cards through another vendor but I now think I will look into this also.

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