Gift from the Heart

OlgaroseToday I took my car in for service, so I grabbed my crocheting because I decided to give myself the day off and it turned out to be an ideal gift from the heart!

The service to the car was going to take about 4 hours, so bringing along a project is a VERY GOOD THING. I sat down in the waiting area and began to crochet a hat.


She walked into the waiting area with her small son and an IPad. She was dressed in a tan sweat outfit, wearing gold flats and she had beautiful long red hair. She stationed the boy at a table and provided a can of 7-up and told him, as best as I could tell, to ‘stay put’ in what sounded like Russian, then she went to look at cars.

The little boy followed her instructions. He carefully poured the 7-up into a paper cup and set the can aside, far away from the IPad. He watched what sounded like a cartoon, also in Russian.

I’m not sure what happened, but suddenly, to his utter dismay, the can of 7-up crashed to the floor. I said, ‘uh oh’ then told him I would be happy to pick up the can for him. His mother re-entered the waiting area at about the time I was putting the can upright and she thanked me, then proceeded to clean up the spilled drink.

I returned to my seat and took up my project. A while later she came over to me to admire the hat I was working on. She wrote a note on her phone that read, “I don’t know how to knit.” We both laughed a little and then she returned to sit with her son while her husband made arrangements to buy a car. He referred to her as, “Olga.”

The Decision

I listened to the young mother speak to her son with love and affection, but also with some firmness about whatever he was asking and she was not allowing. He would whine a little, then she would distract him. She was being a very good mother.

I finished the hat, attached a purple crocheted Irish Rose and as I handed it to her, I told her husband, “Olga admired this hat, so please let her know it is a gift.” Olga was thrilled and immediately put it on then dashed to the ladies lounge to see herself in the mirror.

Gift from the Heart

The father explained to the lad, his name is Simon, about how I’d given the hat to his mother and tried to explain to a 4-yr old the meaning of ‘generosity’, I call it a love note.

However, what the father and Olga did not know is that giving away the hat to someone who seemed so pleased to receive it gave me an opportunity to give a gift from the heart! Thank you Olga!


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