1 Family Affair

Randy & Cathy

My mother always told me, “when life hands you lemons…make lemondade!” It was true then and it’s true now. HOWEVER, she never told me HOW to make the lemonade!

My marketing on air strategy has included joining various groups. Some of these groups offer an opportunity to write articles or blog posts. I have written about our1 Family Affair for EZINE Articles, Growing Bolder, and a few blog posts for Handmade Spark.


My husband has retired from Hide A Heart and passed his half of the leadership torch.

Family 2006

Growing Bolder Hide A Heart History

March of 2009

My husband and I were sitting around chatting–well moaning mostly–about the 401 K $$ that we thought would be enough to live on through retirement–what to do now was a daily topic, especially since 6 years ago our youngest son was injured in a car crash and unable to work. We had not planned to be financially responsible for all three of us on retirement funds. Click to read the rest of the story

April 2, 2014

Bolder Announcement Today

I’m very excited to announce that our son has recovered his health sufficiently to join the Hide A Heart team.Bowlestrio

Our son majored in accounting and finance in college, so he is able to use the managerial accounting skills.

He analyzed the cost of our packaging and changed us from this:

Here are 10 People Who Would Love a Hide a Heart From YOU!

and this


and this

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 2.53.12 PM

to this


He points out that offering ‘value added-packaging’ options for an additional cost is a ‘very good thing’, but the basic packaging is simply beautiful too. (BTW he was able to decrease the over-all unit price by identifying three separate areas by 50%!)

Creative Heart

Besides having a business mind, he is also blessed with a creative one. It was his idea to add a Petsympathy heart to the heart line.


and it is one of our best sellers!

Quintessential Salesman

We made a call on a local mortuary and introduced the Hope and Healing heart as a tangible comfort and company gift for solace when working through the stages of grief and for grief recovery.

The local mortuary was so taken aback with the concept, an immediate order was written!

heart working with my son and watching how his touch enhances the magic of our1 Family Affair.


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