1Baby, 1 Adult Crochet Slipper Patterns


Eeek! Anything with the word ‘crocodile’ gives me the heebie jeebies, 

Love Note

…therefore, I renamed the ‘crocodile’ stitch! Now AKA ‘Scalloped Shell’ because the thought of anyone’s wee toes, including mine, being at risk is just too much to imagine!

Bootie and Slipper Patterns

If you want to learn how to make a ‘crocodile’ AKA scalloped shell pattern, here’s the pattern I heart for baby booties and it’s FREE as a pdf pattern or you can find the pattern on Lolly’s Crafty Crochet blog to make these adorable ‘crocodile’ stitch booties.


I’m naming these my ‘Downton Baby Booties’.

FYI: The pattern is well written, but I made these adjustments:

  • Used a ‘slip stitch’ between the ‘v’ stitches with 2 half double crochet to begin each row on the bootie foot instead of the chain two as per the directions
  • Used a 2.25mm hook for a size to fit a preemie
  • Used a 4.0mm hook for a size to closer fit a 3-6 mos. baby

ScallopedootiesI have made several pair of booties and can’t wait to find a young mother who will try these on her baby for me! Any volunteers?

Adult Size:

AdultSlipperUse this basic slipper pattern, then add rows and rows of Scalloped Shells until reaching the right length for your ankle. Tip: Make a note of how many rows of ‘scalloped shells’ for reference when making the one of the other foot.

grippiesAnd, consider adding ‘grippies‘ to the soles to cut down on ‘slipping’!


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