Valentine’s Past, Present, Future


Valentine’s Day 2014

The best gift my husband has given me over forty-one years is that he taught me to ‘live life’ instead of standing on the sidelines as an ‘observer’.

I am an artist. I think like an artist. I live with extravagant imagination. This is the way I decorate my life. 

Twirly Heartrose

(Rosy Heart Pattern)

My husband is a business man. He thinks like a business man. He is pragmatic. He is Zen without knowing what Zen means. He ‘LIVES’ by immersing himself in the here and now and sucking all the best out of a moment–unless it’s ones that I’ve created that seem a little ‘too much’!

Valentine’s Past

1st Valentine’s Day


To surprise my husband on our first Valentine’s morning, I dressed in a black leotard and tights then draped myself across the stairs like a panther and waited for him to come out of the bedroom.

I thought he would be struck with rhapsodic enthusiasm, but when he saw me he looked as if a predatory animal were about to attack and ran back into the bedroom, slamming the door. 

I leapt to my feet, following him into the bedroom saying, “Hey, what’s wrong with you? I thought you would be excited about this idea!” He looked at me aghast, explaining, “I think that’s a little over the top.” We laughed.

That’s when I knew I had to modify the ‘life’ decorating when he was the object of the adore decor!

10th Valentine’s Day


My husband loves chocolate chip cookies, so with this knowledge I decided to purchase a heart-shaped cake pan and bake a gigantic chocolate chip cookie for him.

I forgot to set a timer, so I baked ‘heartrocks’ to serve with apologies. Bless him. He asked for a glass of milk and began to dunk chunks of blackened cookie. I suggested he might want to let them ‘soak’ for an hour or two before biting. We laughed.

19th Valentine’s Day

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 7.05.03 AM

You may recall the En Garde Valentine post last year in which I wrote about my love note made from a recipe for a aphrodisiac-like hot chocolate potion found in the book LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE and from which my husband has never quite regained his ‘ease’ as future Valentine’s days approached. 


–I presented the magic brew in an over-sized cup and encouraged him to take a great gulp for best effect after which I expected he would leap to his feet, grab me by the waist and twirl me about the kitchen enraptured! Instead, he stood up red-faced gasping and gesticulating frantically the immediate need for water!

I was shocked and wondered why my effort met with such a lack of appreciation? I took a gulp from his cup then sped to the sink to spit it out and grabbed an ice cube then glanced at the recipe where I discovered I had miss-read the measurement for the cayenne powder!–

For a good laugh, you can read the entire post here

25th Valentine’s Day


Our son was visiting some friends and the bouquet of roses my husband had recently given to me was beginning to fade.

I decided to get a little extra R.O.I. out of the bouquet and began ‘de-petaling’ the blooms, then make a path to follow by strewing them on the floor from the kitchen door through the dining room, up the stairs, down the hallway and into the bedroom, finishing with several decorating the bed and me. I waited for him to arrive home from work.

Upon opening the door, I heard him scurrying around the kitchen, through the dining room, up the stairs, down the hallway and into the bedroom where he stood with his hands full of petals, breathing heavily as if he’d just finished a race. “You know, our son could come home any minute. What will he think?” I laughed and said, “That his mother fumbled the rose petals when tossing out the bouquet?” 

Valentine’s Present and Future

41st Valentine’s Day

To relieve his anxiety, I have reassured him that this year I’ve decided to forgo potions, baking, animal garb, petal paths, etc. and instead decided on a little Mardi Gras Gusto


The only recipient of my artistic enthusiasm will be the front door. As you can imagine, my husband is relieved!

What notable surprise do you have planned for your Valentine this year?

PS: Now that I think about it, it was on our 9th Anniversary that my husband hid a little glass heart for me to find. It was undoubtedly in self-defense!

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