Some days,

I crochet surprises!

Last summer, a high school classmate, Logene, and I had the delightful opportunity to see one another for a week long visit. 

I put together a list of activities for us to enjoy, and managed to accomplish the bulk, which included dining with three other BPHS classmates, (Steve, Jackie and Diane-John was unable to join us because he was out-of-town) living in the Northwest.

During the course of the week, Logene mentioned her granddaughter loved the color purple. It so happens that purple is my favorite color too. In fact, I have taught my granddaughters that PURPLE IS PERFECT, which means, anything purple is absolutely OK with me!

Crocheting for Comfort

As indicated in a previous post, I often use handwork as a means for coping with stress, because it’s so rewarding to end up with a newly created something I can sell or give a way.

So when Logene said ‘purple’ and ‘granddaughter’ in the same sentence, I decided to surprise them both by sending one of my handmade gift ‘somethings’ to wear.

All the while I worked on the hat I smiled at the thought about how pleased Logene would be to receive the package marked, FOR HOLLY.

I have never met Holly, so I wasn’t sure if the hat would fit her, but I sent it in a box filled with lots of ‘made with love’ and hope that it would be perfect.



Basic Beanie pattern by BusyMomDesigns

You may also like this pattern, which includes instructions for the flower.

Do you use handwork for stress therapy? If so, what do you end up doing with your handmade ‘somethings’? Tell me about it.


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