Corral Run Away Balls in 2014

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.35.09 PM

An old friend surprised me with the bowl above by Kunihiro Pottery (Facebook) AKA

The glaze on this bowl is beautiful and it’s very smooth on the inside. When I first saw the bowl I thought it was an exquisite Asian designed floral vase and looked forward to picking up flowers from which to create a beautiful bouquet.

I called my friend to thank her for the wonderful vase, but before I got all words of appreciation out she exclaimed, “Is it controlling your balls?” Hmmm

That’s when, to my relief that I had not mentioned “flowers”, she went on to say, “I know you are doing a lot of knitting and wondered if you ever had trouble controlling run away balls of yarn, so I searched for a yarn bowl and found one for you! Remember, I asked you what you use to control the balls and you said a basket?”

Yarn Bowl


A yarn bowl–I’d never heard of a yarn bowl, but immediately decided to set it to good use and found it works perfectly, whether while knitting or crocheting.

Thank You

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 9.00.07 PMCrochet Rose-n-Bow Cloche Chapeau

This is my new favorite Crochet Cloche Pattern. Of course I offered to make my friend a thank you gift, and suggested a hat to show my appreciation of her thoughtfulness, but she lives in California and decided a hat would be too hot to wear.


Instead, in appreciation for such a lovely and functional surprise, I crocheted a rose pin to attach to a purse, coat, scarf or blouse as my gift that says I love you. All hand made and it won’t add any extra heat!


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