Gifts of Bling

I decided to make myself a gift this week. A gift to wear. A gift that incorporates my performing jewelry and hearts. A gift of bling and restoration!PerformJ

My last performance was in 1999, but it’s been difficult to let go of gowns, jewelry, and equipment (microphones and stands, speakers, mixer board, etc.)  because it feels like one more slice amputated out of my life

In the ’60’s, I was a ‘artist acquaintance’ of Linda Rondstadt. We hung out at Doug Weston’s Troubadour, and with Mary McCaslin, visited a couple of times at her house in Santa Monica. She once told me, “You should be an actress”, and I laughed.

It’s been about thirty years since Linda and I were in contact. She was performing in Portland and broke a toe. She called to ask if I knew a doctor who could see her and I did. She asked me about my life, and I told her I was singing locally, married and had a son. She said, “Do you know how lucky you are?” 

If you know anything about Linda, you know that she recently announced that she can no longer sing due to having Parkinson’sI do not know how Linda is coping with her loss, but I’m 20 years out of radiation for head and neck cancer which ended my performance career. While I’m considered ‘cured’ and certainly Hide A Heart has helped me with the process, I have found healing one’s losses is a definite work-in-progress. 


I’m proud to say that I finally parted with the sound equipment by giving it to a Teen Club located in Christmas Valley, OR and the gowns went to a local theatre group.

However, the jewelry has been sitting in a box through which I periodically browse, put on in melancholy or wear occasionally. It doesn’t take up much space tucked in a drawer and maybe, just maybe the day will dawn when I’ll figure out a good way to use it.

Self-Care Inspiration

If you visit my blog, then you know I clean toilets as a stress coping skill.  I also crochet, knit and walk for therapy.

This week I decided I wanted to try crocheting a beret. I searched the web, pinning several styles, some that included patterns. Finally found the exact one beret I wanted with Style-included an Easy-2-Make pattern that incorporates hearts! Three hours later, I had a beret!


The next morning, I was struck with inspiration. I dug out the performance jewelry, selected an earring and Viola!


I am delighted with the outcome and ready to make several more to sell at a local Christmas Bazaar. I just got the news–Suzie has granted me permission!


Oh La La!

My newest creation, the Eiffel Tower Beret


…and then there is a sweet little girl who fell in love with one of that Eiffel Tower beret–how could I resist?

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.54.42 PM


3 thoughts on “Gifts of Bling

  1. I’ll wager if you titled it “Béret de la tour Eiffel” – you just might be able to get a few more dollars for it! Great idea to keep you busy during the holiday madness & give your porcelain a chance to relax and heal.. 😉
    Peace -Gerry

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