Handmade Gift For Friends: Holiday Roses


My friends have decided we are not exchanging gifts this year, in large part because they have budget concerns for Moi! So, I am giving a Christmas card filled with messages of friendship gratitude, love, and, a holiday rose for each.

Moi Adornment!

To make a handmade gift that says ‘I love you’ for a friend this holiday, all you need is a little yarn, three broach pins and some time makes for a sweet little ‘adornment’, don’t you think this makes a perfect holiday love note?


The crochet pattern for the rose can be found on the Stitch of Love blog. I picked up the broach pins on sale from a local craft store and I the time…

Well, recently I’ve begun to use knitting and crocheting as coping tools, combined with toilet cleaning! The upshot is that the toilets are pristine, and I’ve a multitude of gifts to give!


I selected my holiday card from among the plentiful by Papyrus.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 3.51.04 PM

Visit My Pending DIY Projects board where I’ve pinned several other flower patterns, such as this style of Crochet Rose.

Happy Daze!


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