How to Make Lemonade Magic

Veterans Day 2013

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For All Who Serve Our Nation, SALUTE!

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When I was a young woman, I developed a long illness. The greatest, most empowering lesson I learned was to use the time during which I could not gad about  create magic by making something useful for someone else.

How to Make Lemonade Magic

I had the privilege to be a friend of a 90-year-old woman named ‘Reta’, short for Greta. She was the sister of our neighbor. Reta had been an RN for 30 years, retired and went back to school to get a teaching degree at 50, then taught kindergarten until retiring at 75. Reta was pure inspiration and a wonderful modeling mentor. She left an indelible impression upon me.

Back Story

At the age of twenty-one, I was a dental assistant, singer in folk clubs and quite content to pay rent to my parents while living at home, I was ill for about four months. My father moved a day-bed into the dining room so my mother could care for me.  

Around about two months into the illness, when one day Reta stopped by with a filet minion and a mission. She asked, “Do you knit or crochet?” and when I responded affirmatively, she handed me a grocery sack full of yarn, with the statement, “Indian babies are cold. I’ll be back next week for the blankets”, and left.

I crocheted baby blankets all week and proudly handed over four to Reta, who accepted with a smile, then handed me another sack of yarn, and said, “You know the drill.” This is how I learned the Lemonade Magic lesson which continues to serve me 45 years later.

You Know the Drill

I recently had a procedure that requires me to ‘stay put’ for a few weeks. While in the hospital, I had my computer and was perusing my Facebook page when I noticed a post by the Period of Purple Crying, for which I have knitted several purple caps for infants to give to my local participating hospital for the last couple of years. I came across this adorable Berry Beanie infant cap to immediately add to my Pinterest PERIOD OF PURPLE CRYING board….

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and decided it is a perfect kind of love note project to turn lemons into magic during my respite.

Join Me in Making Baby Berry Beanie Lemonade Magic

I urge you to visit the luvinthemommyhood blog, where I found the Berry Baby Hat and pattern, and invite you to join me in making purple infant hats to give to your local hospital Period of Purple Crying project. If you decide to participate, be sure to revisit this post to let me know how many you make over the next two weeks, and I’ll share how many I make with you too.

Number 1


Ready! Set! Knit!!!


PS I have a listing for a custom order for a Berry Baby Beanie in my Etsy Shoppe. T’would be a perfect baby shower gift for a soon-to-be-mom combined with the Child Safety Seat key bob.


4 thoughts on “How to Make Lemonade Magic

  1. how very cute these caps are..I crochet but am not real good at following instruction or making anything other than straight scarves or blankets..what a fantastic cause..good luck and thanks for sharing..

  2. I wish I could knit — these are adorable, and such a wonderful cause! (I know what you mean about feeling neglected….I feel so often as if my posts and emails don’t matter to anyone. I guess the important thing is to keep doing our best 🙂 )

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