2013 Treasure Perk for the Holidays

What’s your Treasure Perk-4-the-holidays?
Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 4.37.11 PM

Since participating in an Etsy Boot Camp a couple of years ago, I find the lingering residual of the exercise inspires me to create a new THANK YOU package perk as a ‘limited’ edition offer.

I wrote about perking packages in a post last May. I use bits-n-pieces of things I collect to create some of the incentive perks I include with my Etsy Shoppe orders. I enjoy creating little ‘thank you’ gifts for my Hide A Heart customers, and this year is no exception.

Tips for Treasure Perks

I think I’ve finally figured a few things out about ‘perking’ packages I can confidently pass on to you.

  1. Keep it light–if the treasure perk is too bulky or heavy, the postage is going to increase, which will definitely reduce your profit
  2. Treasure perk with something that doesn’t take too much time to create-don’t forget, time=$
  3. Watch the cost-don’t forget, you are trying to make a profit which adding a little ‘perk’ as a thank you to your customer, but if the ‘treasure’ is too valuable–well, you get the picture
  4. Testing the perk value-would you want to receive it?

I began thinking about my ‘treasure perk’ a few months ago. I was tidying up my work space and noticed a few jewelry-making pieces that had been tucked away in a box of odds and endsbits-n-pieces

A Treasure Perk

So, I made myself a cute little heart-charm to add to one of my computer USB flash drives as a way to tell them apart. Viola!


Looking forward to tucking a treasure perk into every Etsy Shoppe Hide A Heart order this year. Get your’s while they last!

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