Tie One On

Upcycled-Recycled Holiday Gift Wrap Idea

In Oregon recycling has been a ‘way of life’ for many years, although the lids to plastic containers are NOT recyclable. The other day, I was looking at a collection I have of packaging bits and wondered, “What can be done with those?” Up-ReLids+

Many years ago I made Christmas Ornaments out of 1 lb. coffee can lids that turned out adorable, but now I buy coffee in a foil package.

New Re-Source


Our family eats a fair amount of yogurt, and I purchase about six plastic quart containers weekly—that’s a lot of lids to throw away.  Since the holidays are fast approaching, I’ve decided to turn those lids into Christmas Ornaments as package decoration and share the idea with you.

Plastic lids are light weight and won’t add weight to shipping a package. 


Cut out the center of the lid–after taking this shot, I found my Xacto knife-a much better optioncutliddone

Ribbon-wrapped Lid

stickylidUse a glue dot to secure about 16″ of a bits-n-pieces ribbon

Begin wrapping the ribbon around the lid rimRibbonlid2RibbonLidFini

I fashioned the end of the ribbon into a bow and used a twist tie to anchor it. Should help with attaching to the package too.

Crochet-wrapped Lid


After cutting the lid, I decided to use this Ritz yarn and single crochet around the circumference.


Found an iridescent heart bead to complete the wreath.

Because the package ‘tie on’ is light weight, it makes a perfect tree ornament too. Simply add a tree ornament hook or an extra loop of yarn or ribbon for further ‘upcycle’ use!

Little Boxes

Thinking about gifts for friends, I began this idea.


Over the summer, I purchased a few berries in these darling wooden boxes, but these little boxes are impossible for me to discard!

TissuedBoxThe interior is unfinished-think slivers- so before I can fill one, I had to cover it, and tissue paper came to mind


I’ve been spending time on Pinterest, pinning various crochet flower patterns to try and was struck with inspiration-Viola! 

Fleur d’Trois Fleurd'Tois

Since shipping would require a large box, should I decide to make Fleur d’Trois available for sale, this gift is only available for local purchase.

Find more holiday tutorials on EverythingEtsy where Hide A Heart is also listed in the Directory.

10 thoughts on “Tie One On

  1. WTG MCatherine! I really like the HAH upcycled boxes. The tissue paper you used was an eye catcher. Yeah I’d have a hard time throwing little wooden quart boxes like those out too.

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