Crochet Fleur de Lis

I’ve searched everywhere in vain for a  Fleur de Lis motif crochet pattern. I nearly gave up until I decided to figure one out myself to add to MCatherine Designs!

crochet fleur clear

It took me hours over two days and several false starts before gaining success, but worth every redux that finally led me to realise it was easier than expected.

crochet fleur black I am thrilled with the outcome, and now I can make one in about 30 minutes or less because luckily, the pattern is memorized!

crochet fleur inches

Pattern PDF or PNG



This one is a perfect size for the LoveaLatte Coffee Sleeves, and by simply changing the size of the hook and the yarn, I’ll have perfect sizes for the hot pads and potholders. ‘Fleur de ciel’ is the limit for who knows what else I may get the inspiration to create?


Just you wait Etsy Holiday Success Boot Camp 2013!


19 thoughts on “Crochet Fleur de Lis

      • I admire your talent. My best friend in high school told me she could teach anyone to knit. I proved her wrong. Then she told me she could teach anyone — including me — how to crochet. I proved her wrong again. But I can appreciate what I can’t do — and your fleur de lis is gorgeous.

      • Thanks so much Katherine! I admire your marketing and writing talents too. It’s the same ol’ saga of chicken and the egg–I need to sell more Hide A Heart to afford your services, and I need your services to spread the Hide A Heart story! Yikes!!!

  1. thanks a billion for this… I am making some cradle purses in the Saints colors and wanted a Fleur de lis to add to the handles… and this will complete it… thanks again …. I was about to give up when I came across your pattern. thanks again
    Faye Carney

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