The Art of Coping

I am an artist–this means my coping skills may be a lot different than yours. Humor in the face of disaster isn’t always approved by others, but, as my favorite book character is famous for saying, “fiddle dee dee-I’ll think about that tomorrow!” (Scarlett O’Hara)

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 3.26.46 PM

Things have been a little ‘over the top’ here, so I need to add to the list. I’m giving serious thought to renaming this blog ‘Toilet Therapy’.

Toilet Therapy

If you are a follower of Hide A Heart’s blog, then you know my best stress relief coping skill is cleaning toilets-In past posts (Hey! It Beats Hanging the Cat!Pounds of Prevention Cure; and the on-going, oft times removed page What’s Cookin’ at Hide A Heart Central)followed by scrubbing floors and last, but not least, walking 4 miles as often as possible.

You see, I’m no good at drinking alcohol. I’ve no interest in illicit chemical use. I have a tendency to want whatever stress relieving coping skill I employ to end up being constructive. In other words, I want to see improvement in the immediate area.

So, along with scrubbing the toilets, today I decided to clean the grout in the watercloset with a toothbrush. In this way it will take hours. One could think of it as ‘Hiding in Tile’.





Of late, cleaning toilets or anything else has not been enough to stop the boat from rocking, let alone, sinking. In other words, the free-board is being swamped, and the heart of the bailing bucket has a hole.

Here’s what I’ve added as stress relievers:

  • watering the garden while doing 6-second breathing
  • drinking morning coffee on the deck, no matter the temperature of the day
  • hiding in yarn
  • hiding in crafts
  • hiding in Christmas Gift ideas
  • hiding in thinking of everything but facing the clear and present disaster
  • eating ice cream
  • looking for beauty

Coat of Many Colors

The name of the rose bush is Josephs Coat. I opened the curtain in the Tea Room this morning and was greeted with this extraordinary beauty blooming just outside the window.

Later: Trying to decide what to prepare for dinner I say, “We can’t have meatloaf because no one went to the store to get some hamburger. Let’s have mac-n-cheese!” I say enthusiastically, then recant, “Nope, I don’t have any pasta.” So my husband says, “Tell us what you have and we’ll design a meal.” We are laughing hysterically!

Precious Moment: My husband is a very amusing person. He told me this morning, “I want to get this dying thing over so I can concentrate on something else.” We both laughed through our tears.

Today, I decided to bake an Apple Pie with Roses.

Apple Rosette Recipe


Inspire Me

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 9.22.23 PM

What are your best stress relief coping skills?

16 thoughts on “The Art of Coping

  1. I don’t have a “magic therapy tools”. I use to take out my stress on the home. I use to clean like a “woman on the edge” it was scary. I’ve done the toothbrush on the toilets, too. I can’t image how you do it, or even try. I do, however, admire your “bucket list” of things to do in place of thinking about the reasons “why”. Be blessed, beautiful one. Sending you prayers of strength from the 4 winds of direction.

  2. MSA is short for MCatherine’s Stabilizing Action now. You are clever and instinctively know what’s good for you. The mental image to use if “the bailing bucket has a hole” is to change the bucket into a stress bucket. Pick up that bloody bucket, and empty some stress right out of there. It’ll empty faster if you punch some holes in it. BTW the Josephs Coat is stunning.

  3. The only thing I can think of that might be helpful is meditation. It’s a good way, for me anyway, to get back to understanding that I am not my body and neither is anybody else.

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