Eiffel Tower

Some days I play.EiffelT2

I get an idea, then spend hours searching for how to make it. Once I find something similar to what I have envisioned, I give credit to where I found it, then spend a fair amount of time adding bits that make it my DIY.

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 12.36.05 PMWhile searching ‘Frenchie’ things, I discovered  Isabelle M’s blog. I love the wee Eiffel Tower and Isabelle provided instructions. However…..

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 12.41.26 PM

I can’t read French! Searching farther, led me to

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 12.49.55 PMwhich I immediately pinned to My Pending DIY Projects for easy retrieval!

Then I figured out

how to ‘customize’ my own Eiffel Tower motif


Ch 3 and slip stitch into 1st ch. Sc 5 more into center of 1st stitch and slip stitch to form circle. Ch 1 and turn.

Row 1-5 *Sc in sc of 1st and 2nd st of circle. Ch 1 and turn. Continue from * 4 more rows and add 1 sc and turn

Row 6-1/2 dbl crochet into 1st sc and the next two sc and add 1 sc and turn

Row 7-1/2 dbl crochet into the 4 sc, ch 1 and turn

Row 8-1/2 dbl crochet into the 4 sc, ch 3 and turn

Row 9-dbl crochet into next two sts, ch 2, dbl crochet into next two sts, ch 1 and turn

Row 10-sc across row, ch 4

Row 11-*sc in the first sc 2 x’s, 1/2 dbl crochet in the next 3 sts, slp st into next st; sc into the next 3 sts and ch 4 Repeat from * ending with slp st and bind off


As per usual…

Rhino-mind strikes again!Eiffel Cloth 2013-04-14 at 8.49.22 AMSee, I can make thisThe first version is knitted, making two pieces and adding some batting between them. I made the motif and added it before crocheting the edging to connect the front with the back and so that the stitches for attaching the motif did not show. On the second version, I used the afghan stitch, crocheted the edging, then I cross-stitched the Eiffel Tower on to the cloth by using graph paper to draw it out.

Eiffel Pot1EiffelPot


14 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower

  1. Cute… it’s been a while since I crocheted … I do small things like doilys, etc. Now my mom, on the other hand crochets HUGE table covers & alot more. I just don’t have the time anymore 😦

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