‘Tis a Starbucks Girl’s Dream

A terrific thing happened while I was at Starbucks this morning. Mollie filled my cup with bold of the day and fell in love with the cozy sleeve on my personal cup.BBlkclose

Mollie asked, “Where did you get that cozy?”, to which I replied, “I made it. Do you want one?” …and that’s how I end up giving things away. I think of it as scattering little love notes about, similar to planting seeds so they will grow.


Of course the dream is that I count on the recipient using the cozy to show to her friends. Then they will ask, “Where can I get one?” and Mollie shows them the label inside the cozy, and they jot down Hide A Heart and order one.

To sleep, perchance to dream

Ahhhhhh Summer! ‘Tis gardening season and time to scatter seeds of blooming wonder, then watch the dreams begin to grow!


6 thoughts on “‘Tis a Starbucks Girl’s Dream

  1. I think the simple and spontaneous pay-it-forwards are the ones that make the biggest impact. What you have accomplished is you have changed the future in a small way. Sure you hope the favor will come back to you (and hopefully get a sale as a result) but most likely what you have done is propel a whole chain of events where others will learn from your example. WTG and keep your loving dreams alive!

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