Half Yearly Holiday


Since I became a micro entrepreneur, I have found it difficult to identify when to make holiday sales preparations. 

For example:

  1. when to contact local retail buyers 
  2. when to register for holiday fairs
  3. how to create fresh, holiday appropriate product promotions that won’t irritate potential customers
  4. identifying the best ‘marketing on air’ strategy for the time invested

I only know that I don’t like the way the big guys begin pushing gift ideas earlier and earlier, practically before school shopping in August!

I’ve decided to sit right down and write myself a little love note reminder-

  • June 25-Six months to Christmas Day
  • July 29-Five months to Black Friday
  • August 1-Four months to customers beginning to start the shopping list
  • September 1-Three months to pre-wrapping
  • October 1-Two months to promotion
  • November 1-One month to the end of the buying season
  • December 18-Last day to purchase and receive before Christmas

How will you do that Voodoo that you do so well? 


10 thoughts on “Half Yearly Holiday

  1. I agree when to know when to unleash the Holiday Items is difficult at times. I usually start mine before the November Events. That way they’re ready and waiting from November to December.

  2. no other holidays in there? Thanksgiving would seem a good tie-in.. little gift boxes as favors ’round the feasting table.. “for the love that’s flowing around this gathering..” or something similar.

    Maybe in September.. if you could put those hearts in little drawstring bags, with extra long and extra strong strings.. to be tied to backpacks as the kids venture off into the world.. “an know that my heart will always accompany you wherever you go..”

    – Just looking for some non-traditional marketing ideas..

    Peace -Gerry

    • You are absolutely correct Gerry Also great for hostess and teacher appreciation, housewarming, off-2-college, perfect for building a wedding toast around, given to someone loved in a nursing home…the list is truly endless and priceless. Hugs Galore my friend!

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