Shakespeare Tudor Rose Ruffled Latte Cup Sleeve



My inspiration for this post comes from two directions.

First: I was inspired to join the Crafty Girl Linky Party on EverythingEtsy, and encourage you to join in the fun!

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 9.45.15 AM

Of course, joining the party led to writing a tutorial.

Second: In a previous post, I mention meeting local artisans who inspired me to create the Shakespeare Tudor Rose Ruffled Latte Cup Sleeve, thus my tutorial love notes for you!

Shakespeare Tudor Rose Ruffled Latte Cup Sleeve 

This is a complicated coffee sleeve design, taking about 4 hours to complete. If you decide to make one of my ruffled coffee sleeves, you will understand why they are priceless and NOT for sale because I don’t think there is a customer willing to pay $50-$60 for a coffee sleeve, even IF it is an original design, that is eco-friendly, washable making a gorgeous gift that says, “I love you”!

The size of the hook and number of stitches for this project will depend on how loosely you crochet. I suggest making a chain and wrapping it around the paper cup you usually use for your coffee. The thing to keep in mind with this pattern is that the height and width of the work is based on both being an odd number. I make 19 squares across and 7 rows down to fit the size of my hand.

Foundation Grid

Size 9 hook and 4ply cotton yarn

Ch 39 and slp st into 1st chain from hook

Ch 5-skip the next chain and Dbl c the second chain from hook. Ch 1; Dbl c into every 2nd chain to the end of the chain. You should have 19 squares across


*Ch 5 and turn; Dbl c into the top of the 1st Dbl c; Ch 1 and Dbl c into the top of each Dbl c to the end of the row


*repeat for 7 rows and bind off. Now you have several squares to create a grid




Referring to the diagram above, for each row *Beginning at the bound off corner, attach the yarn to the inside of the Dbl c bar and chain 3; Dbl c 2 more times around the same bar. Move to the corner to make6 Dbl c in the same space to make the first outside corner.

Turn the work to the first Dbl c bar of the corner square and make 3 Dbl c. around the bar of the adjacent square to make 3 Dbl c around that squares Dbl c bar and continue in a ‘S’ pattern to the next corner.

*Make 6 Dbl c. into the corner square. Continue the ‘S’ pattern across to the next corner square. Repeat * to the end of the outside of the grid and bind off the row.

Rose Pattern

Below is the free pattern I found on the internet. If you click the picture, it will take you to the site.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 12.41.11 PM


Adding the metal charm is optional

Attach the rose to the center square of the grid. I cover the inside of the grid threads that attach the rose with my MCatherine Made label using iron-on tape.


Sew the sides of the grid together with a piece of the yarn color of the ruffle to turn the work into the cup sleeve.


and Viola!

PS I have made this coffee sleeve available in a made to order listing found only in my Etsy Shop HERE

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