Anything Worth Doing…

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That’s me alright. Just ask my friends- Diane, Annee, Claudia, Janice, Shelley, Peggy, Marian, et al!

Let me just preface this post with the reminder: Rhino Principle is in Play Here and Here and Here

The Project

The cream-colored wool carpets in our home are about 24 years old. Of course I’ve had them professionally cleaned many times but some stains never quite disappear…at least not for long. One in particular was made when while dusting, my husband tipped over a vase.

Holy Oil

The vase was given to me by a close friend and been sitting on the shelf for years. She’d hand carried it all the way from Israel. I had dusted the vase and shelf many times without mishap, so I had not realised that it was actually filled with oil…holy oil, but oil just the same and now the oil had spilt and was saturating the carpet.

I immediately tried cleaning the spot, but nothing…absolutely nothing changed! Naturally the spot was located right smack dab in the middle of the traffic pattern on the carpet, so it grew darker and darker as people who wore shoes walked across it.


The Solution

While spending way too much time pinning one day, I came across a DIY household cleaner recipe for laundry spot removal. So it is no wonder that I immediately thought, “Dawn dish soap has an oil dispelling component! This might work on that oil stained carpet!”

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The Over-doing!

Of course, if 2 parts to 1 is good, why not 10 to 2! Yep….you are beginning to get the picture.

I decided to begin on the stains that are not visible to public traffic…the bedroom carpet.


I prepared the solution based on my ‘more is better’ composition. After vacuuming, I sprayed mightly, let it set while I assembled the Little Green Carpet Cleaning Machine I only own because my friend Janice told me I needed one.



However, after adding wetting solution from the Little Green and scrubbing will all my might, I found the suds were not only covering the work area, but also over-flowing the compartment!


It took hours to suck-n-til-suds-r-gone then rinse-2-clear, but viola!


I’ll guarantee you, when tackling the oil stain on the Tea Room carpet, I’m re-formulating before spraying!


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