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How does your branding go? Do you put a business card into every package of product you ship? Do you add a brand to your handmade crafts? Just when I think I have got this micro-business finely tuned, I discover something that once realised, I think, “Now, I should have already known that!”


I’ve been thinking about this ‘branding’ idea quite a lot lately. So one day I decided to take action and spend some time perusing the web looking for a site that makes fabric labels to add to the handmade Latte Cozy Sleeves I am knitting.


I thought it a stroke of luck that I came across this terrific post titled HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN FABRIC LABELS! I considered it my little ‘love note’ from the web.

I dashed to my favorite craft shop to grab the needed supplies-No Sew Hemming Tape and the Photo Fabric, then enthusiastically set out to design my label.


First order of business was to decide what to put on the label. Using a word document, I had to figure out the best size, most readable font choice and spacing of whatever I decided to create. Should the label read ‘MCatherine Made’ along with  Should  ‘Handmade in USA’ in what city and state be included? I had a few ‘false starts’.

MCL logo

Should the label go on the inside of the sleeve or would there be more ‘bang for the buck’ if it was visible on the exterior of the sleeve?

MCath label

Ultimately I concluded the obvious decision was to use the Hide A Heart logo with website address, affixed to the exterior of the sleeve!


All Packaged Up

packaging sleeve

Think again!

Now you would think having figured out all of these details, I would carry the learning through to other handmade creations. Nope, but that’s the beauty of customers like Angelina who teach you something important by simply making a purchase!

DowntonSachets 2013-03-08 at 3.03.26 PM

After putting together an order for 8 Edwardian Era Downton Abbey Inspired Sachets, also suitable for Tea Party or wedding favors, I realised a thing or two!

Branding 1

sachet 8%22

sachet 8%22 labled


Then There’s Value Added

….and let me take this just a step further. Remember the value added post I recently published about Turning Bits-N-2-Better as a package perk for my customers? Well, why not take full advantage of this ‘branding’ concept and add a label to the freebies too!


Therefore, if one is going to ‘brand’……

Then one is GOING to Brand….

Henceforth, one should make much ado about a lot!

value added backIf you happen to be looking for a great tutorial for making your own labels, I suggest you visit the Sew Delicious blog.

19 thoughts on “Branding

  1. I think successful branding for small online sellers is part about doing shameless well thought out store promotions everywhere you can think of and also part about adopting a “Yes, you can” attitude towards your business strategy of listing cool things for sale on the internet. Your blog post is a perfect example of a businessperson doing both things at the same time. The point is there is a “U” in business and you want your buyers to know it and to get excited about your offerings

    • Brian! Thank you for these fabUlous comments and most importantly, for bringing to my attention the important point about the “U” bUsiness! “U” are one of my mentors. I want to share your Rebel Mouse page HERE so others can benefit from your knowledge. Have a B-“U”-tiful day!

  2. I haven’t done much with branding except to add a business card to each order and a handwritten thank you note written right on their order. I must be doing something right though, because more & more, analytics show people looking up dinglefoot to get to my site :). I wish I had more visual things to add labels too though. Yours are very cute!

    • I think including a biz card is absolutely one of the best ways to get your ‘brand’ spread far afield. Your logo is so cute Deborah. Have you thought about stamping, printing or making a label of it to put on the back of your cards? BTW: The video HERE on your blog today is terrific!

  3. Love this post and the idea that you don’t have to get it perfect the first, or second, or even third time. It is a process! Time for me to come up with a little logo!

    • Thanks Linda. I was hoping someone would mention ‘professional’ looking because that is what I’m trying to achieve. BTW: I have been thrilled with the great DIY projects and Recipes on your blog HERE

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