French Laundry Inspired

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It’s official! In March the Julia Child Supper Club (JCSC) is branching out. The hostess doesn’t know, but I decided to add a little homemade ‘love note’ flair to the table settings semi-ala The French Laundry!

French Laundry1

As mentioned in the November 2012 post on What’s Cookin’ at Hide A Heart Central page of this blog, we members of the JCSC are completely enthralled by the idea of preparing recipes from The French Laundry Cookbook.

Much anticipated by all the cooks, we received the menu a week before the dinner date along with a link to the blog French Laundry at Home where we would find additional tips for each course. I encourage you to check out Carol’s blog. It is absolutely beautiful!

French Laundry Menu 2013-03-04 at 2.02.11 PM

Dressing for Dinner

We are a diverse group, but on one thing we can agree; the importance of dressing for dinner

Dressing 4 Laundry

Sur la Table

Le Table

Everyone dressed in black and white, and our hostess carried the theme through with her beautiful table place settings. Paying attention to the smallest details, she alternated Black Truffle Salt with Fleur de Sel in individual salt cellars.

Salt Cellars

If you decide to give a French Laundry Dinner Party, you will want to have salt cellars on your table. Should you want a set yourself, click Etsy to find salt cellar listings.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 5.01.52 PMThe Cellars above have sold

Amuse Bouche

Upon arrival, each guest was met with a glass of champagne and cornet.


Cornets filed with Salmon Tartare with Sweet Red Onion Creme Fraiche


Cornet Happy



After which everyone pronounced the Cornets as divine, delicious and delightful!


Parmigiano-Reggiano Crisps with Goat Cheese Mousse


Plate of filled crisps placed upon a white napkin held with a hand calligraphed French Laundry clothes pen, the guests were seated

Fish Course

True Cod with Sweet Parsnips, Spinach and Saffron-Vanilla Sauce

Fish Course

Because I am unable to eat fish having bones, my hostess was kind enough to serve this course to me topped with a lovely scallop


Lemon Sorbet


A meal worth savoring is worth Intermezzo!

Meat Course

Roasted Rib Steak with Mushrooms, Pommes Anna and Bordelaise Sauce


Pommes Anna served as the bed for the steak

Meat Course


Cream of Walnut Soup

Walnut Soup

Served in her grandmother’s Demitasse cups, Hallie made this exquisite soup–any calls for second servings? To be sure!!

It was a fabulous evening spent in the company of wonderful friends over delicious cuisine! Therefore, you should consider investing in The French Laundry Cookbook and hosting your own French Laundry Dinner.

What we all came to realise was that the recipes in The French Laundry Cookbook are quite complicated and time-consuming to prepare, thus we all now understand WHY dining at The French Laundry will cost you your first-born child + about $1,000 per person!

Additionally, we all agree this was the most elegant meal we have ever prepared and eaten. Therefore, The French Laundry Dinner is now slated to be an annual event.

Bon Appetit!

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25 thoughts on “French Laundry Inspired

    • Our dinner group is of the opinion we have NEVER enjoyed a lovelier or more delicious meal than our French Laundry dinner party! TYSM for your remarks…next time we’ll keep a place at the table with your name on it!

  1. Awesome to have a full course 5 star experience without the need to remortgage the house! I worked in a 5 star French restaurant in college and know how much work went into this. The C & O Restaurant in Charlottesville, VA BTW. I like the wild plates you used. Made me think about eating quick before the cats pounced on everything! Yeah annual event for sure

    • Ooooo, I so appreciate that you are personally familiar with the time-investment for preparing a 5-★ cuisine Brian and also realise the tremendous R.O.I.!!! The china is a wonderful pattern. I especially enjoy the Panther plates! I see you have a new blog HERE and I’m following!

    • TYSM for stopping by to comment Angelina! Our dinner group is about 4 years old now…we started it after watching the film JULIE AND JULIA. I enjoyed reading about your new Close to my Heart Biz HERE

  2. Oh how I love their sister restaurant, Per se. Will definitely have to make a trip to Napa one day just to dine here.

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