Etsy Blogs United Launched

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 7.01.20 AMOpportunity Knocks!

Have you noticed an opportunity can arrive in a most mysterious way? Opportunity arrived for Hide A Heart two weeks ago as the 1800th Hide A Heart Fan Page Follower. 

Several months ago I decided to recognize the 1800th fan with a Hide A Heart of choice. So when Nicoletta (Nic) of Fanchimp pushed the ‘like’ button I sent a message with a link to the Hide A Heart Etsy Shop and the offer to make a selection from among the listings. Sweetly, Nic replied that while she appreciated my offer, she thought perhaps I might not want to send her choice all the way to Italy. I assured her I would be happy to send her prize to Italy! She chose this Pink Bling Latte Sleeve.


Google +

I am not yet convinced Google + is the Online Nirvana Google may think it is, but I have begun to use it with some regularity thanks to the encouragement of my Networking Together Group.

Claudio & Nicoletta

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 7.17.36 PM

I connected with Claudio and Nic via Google + where I found posted an announcement about the soon-to-be-launched Etsy Blogs United project with an invitation to submit one’s blog for consideration of inclusion.

Today Nic and Claudio, launched Etsy Blogs United as a one-stop aggregator where one can visit to see the newest blog posts of participating blogs! Click to submit your blog for consideration!

Drum Roll

I received a note from Nic telling me she visited Hide A Heart’s blog and believes it will fit nicely into his project! I ❤ the mystery of opportunity! 


10 thoughts on “Etsy Blogs United Launched

    • I think this Etsy Bloggers Unite aggregator looks like a Rebel Mouse spot but limited to blog posts and not every post. Thanks so much for dropping by and for your fabulous blog post HERE today too!

  1. Yippee! I love how the mild mannered promotion you did to recognize and reward your 1800th follower boosted you up in more ways than one. Sounds like a catapult launch for you with Nic’s Etsy Blogs United rollout! Sure is wonderful to know the look on your friend’s faces when they are thinking about your networking efforts. What’s said between the lines here is you were certain Nic’s reaction to your promotional efforts was a smile and knew his response was an online pat on the back.

    • Oh Brian–You nailed it! I must confess that I only knew Nic’s reaction was a ‘smile’ when he responded to the offer with his selection and the Etsy Blogs United rollout was an unknown ‘bonus’. Thank you so much for your fabulous insight and comments!

  2. Nah MCatherine you knew ahead of time he’d want the cool freebie and respond with enthusiasm. You have a great product and really are doing a fantastic job showing your customers you appreciate them. Who wouldn’t want to give you a little “love it, thanks!” right back?

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