Turning Bits-N-2-Better

Turning Bits-n-2-Better 

Either the good news is that I receive a lot of gifts, or I simply hold on to ribbon for years until I can figure out what to do with it. Such was the discovery I made recently when cleaning out a bin-o-bits I’ve been saving for a while.

As mentioned in a previous post, I have a penchant for saving ribbon from packages. I dunno…it just seems a shame to throw it away, especially if it’s wire ribbon! Depending on the length and color, I can sometime reuse it to wrap a package, but if I end up with a piece of 10-12″, then I’m left to figure out what to do with it so I always tuck it back into the bin-o-bits.

While making up the package perk Thank You’s included with Hide A Heart orders in anticipation of 2012 holiday sales, it occurred to me that those bits could be created into better use + reduce the clutter in the bin-o-bits!

Turning Bits-n-2-Better Tutorial

I had already filled the heart-shaped organdy sacks with dried Oregon grown lavender and was puzzling over how to decorate the sachet pouches. Some times I sew on a vintage button or glue a small heart to the sachet, but those two options just didn’t appeal to me that day.

Suddenly I was struck by an inspired thought! I decided to create small versions of the ribbon rose package enhancements available in my Etsy Shoppe to attach to the sachet pouches!

If you have these items handy, you can turn bits-in-2-better too!

The Rest of the Story

I plugged in the glue gun and pulled out some ribbon from the bin-o-bits along with the double sided Scotch tape, pinking shears and paper clips.

Use pinking shears to trim the ends of at least 10-12″ of wire ribbon, twist and secure the ends with a piece of double-sided tape making sure the wire poking out from the ribbon is covered by the tape.

Find the center of the ribbon, pinching it to slip into the interior loop of the paper clip. Tie the ribbon to the paper clip, pulling out the outside end of the clip a little so you can use it to attach the finished ribbon rose onto the package you are decorating.

Carefully add a dab of hot glue so the ribbon won’t slip off and let the glue cool before moving to the next step.

Wrap one end of the ribbon around the knot and UNDER the length of the other end of the ribbon. Using the paper clip as a base, tuck the double sided taped end of the ribbon you just wound to make the ‘rose bud’ under the knot and add a dab of glue.

Before the glue dries, begin wrapping the other length of the ribbon around the ‘rose bud’ of the first ribbon and tuck the double sided taped end under one of the ribbon loops and knot then add another dab of glue. It should look similar to this.

Once the glue has cooled, I slip the exposed paper clip end under the knot of the sachet ribbon then tighten them. I add a little more hot glue

and press the ribbon rose down onto the hot glue after making sure the sachet ribbons are in the right place. Wha la!

Add an individual or a bouquet of ribbon roses to a package to enhance the wrapping.

Sachet4GiftHere are some other links to where you can discover how to make ribbon roses and other flowers out of paperduct tape and more!

Happy Perking!


26 thoughts on “Turning Bits-N-2-Better

  1. I love your creativity and give a thumbs up to your efforts to tangibly show your customers that you appreciate their business. You have proved to me time and again that you really want to make your customers feel special and I applaud that! Giving away mass-produced gifts will never give your customers a sense of being valued – but you already know that

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    • Thanks for your comment David. I’m glad you are sharing with your wife…be sure to show her the tutorial unless she already know how to make ribbon roses.

  3. Wow, so impressed by your way of going the extra mile! That is what helps us stand out above all of the other vendors. Keep up the amazing work that you do!

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