En Garde Valentine!

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 7.05.03 AMIf you have ever dropped by to read the HideAHeart blog you are aware that I suffer serious Rhinoceros Principle multiplied by a factor of 1,000 so you will not be surprised by my Valentine story.

In our 19th year of marriage, I saw and fell in love with the film LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE. My husband did not view the movie because he is not a fan of subtitles. I think it was from the book of the same title that I found the recipe for the ‘aphrodisiac brew’ and enthusiastically launched a plan to prepare the potion for his Valentine surprise!

As he prepared to dress for work on Valentine’s Day morning, I busied myself in the kitchen. If he had really thought about it, he would have known something mysterious was afoot since I rarely create elaborate breakfasts except for Christmas and Easter.

Nevertheless, he blithely and trustingly sat down to a lovely breakfast accompanied by my twitterpated chatter describing the foreign film about the chocolate aphrodisiac, to which I am sure he only listened with half an ear while perusing the morning paper with one eye and casting a smile my way in well timed sequence.

En Garde Valentine!

I presented the magic brew in an over-sized cup and encouraged him to take a great gulp for best effect after which I expected he would leap to his feet, grab me by the waist and twirl me about the kitchen enraptured! Instead, he stood up red-faced gasping and gesticulating frantically the immediate need for water!

I was shocked and wondered why my effort met with such a lack of appreciation? I took a gulp from his cup then sped to the sink to spit it out and grabbed an ice cube then glanced at the recipe where I discovered I had miss-read the measurement for the cayenne powder!

Thus I confess that after 39 years of marriage to me, my husband has grown accustomed to my well meaning but oft times faulty implemented events of surprise on his behalf. Therefore, every year as Valentine’s Day grows near, he has adopted the practice of putting himself ‘on guard’ lest another mishap should be looming, yet always with good humor and love.


This story was originally written for and published on Handmade Spark


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