Keeping the Light on For You

Light Bulb 2013-01-09 at 5.49.47 AMSmall Business Owners (SBO) take heart! Networking is an activity in which we can all participate!

Premier Incandescent

Let me introduce you to Brian, the head honcho Networking Guru for SBO’s.

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 7.48.20 AM


Brian says, “I believe one of the best strategies to use as a small business is to acknowledge your failures (or probably, more accurately, your weaknesses in marketing and promotion) and to straightforwardly ask your trusted seller friends for supportive help.”

All Together Now

Here’s a list of easy love notes to write that we can create and as famously said by Tom Bodett, “We’ll Keep the Light On” each other

  • Join a Networking Group: Here’s a link to my Networking Together post where you can learn all about us.
  • Be active in the group: Remember-the success of a group is determined by the commitment of it’s members
  • Comment on blogs with like content to yours

Write a blog post that includes:

  • Back Links to relative articles you have written or one written you consider valuable to share
  • Tagging-be sure the tags are connected to words you have in the post
  • Use Google +: Get a Gmail address to access one of the best ways to raise your blog ranking! Visit Networking4U‘s blog for more information

Promote! Promote! Promote!

Use social media to ‘get the word out’ about your blog post! I suggest you download buttons to your search bar for the media sites you most often visit for easy sharing.

  • Facebook-Profile and Fan Page
  • Twitterif you belong to a Networking Group, you can help one another with ReTweeting as long as you spread things out over the course of a day.
  • Revisit a Tweet by grabbing the permalink for it and post it in another location on the web
  • ScoopIt
  • Pinterest
  • Add Share Buttons to your blog to make it easy for your readers to share your content


Understand, there is NO ‘down time’ when it comes to SBO promo, but there is a caution: Do NOT over-do or you run the risk of being black listed by Google and you won’t even know it! The internet is so mysterious!


Ask all you want to know. I’m happy to share my knowledge or connect you with someone who may know the answer to your question.

Good Day and Good Luck!


16 thoughts on “Keeping the Light on For You

  1. You rock MCatherine! I am glad that I have gotten to know you, mostly because you really do know how to step back and see the whole picture. Promote promote promote and sell sell sell as an online small biz marketing strategy goes hand in hand with casually doing pay-it-forwards like spreading a little “link love” for your friends

  2. Thanks for the information. It’s hard to know if you’re doing to little or too much. I’m guessing most of us err on the side of doing too little to promote.

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