Holiday Joyful

Yes little girl, there is a Santa Claus!

On the week-end before Thanksgiving, our granddaughters, now seven and five years old, arrive for an annual visit. I plan several ‘traditional’ events with the girls and some surprises! 

This year while shipping Hide A Heart orders, I found a Letters to Santa book at the U.S. Post Office. 

I was delighted to have the opportunity to be privy to watching each girl decide what she wanted to put into her letter of request from Santa. The little one included a ‘gift for Santa’ and the elder added notes of ‘additional’ importance to the outside of the envelop. I had the added joy of telling my morning walking group all about the fun of being part of the ‘magic’ and posting the letters.

The Tea Room Tree 

For over sixteen years I have collected ‘tea themed’ ornaments for the Tea Room tree. Each year I set up the small artificial tree and put out the boxes of ornaments for the girls to decorate the tree.

Combined with the ‘oooing’ and ‘ahhing’ with remembrance over the favorites, it takes about forty-five minutes from start to finish.

High Tea

I always plan a ‘theme’ Tea Party as one of our ‘traditional’ activities. This year we had a ‘Crown and Slipper’ Tea served in the Tea Room because the girls are now ‘old enough’ to be invited to High Tea. 

When inviting someone to High Tea, each guest receives a ‘formal’ invitation.

Crown and Slipper cookie cutters

I purchased the cookie cutters from and each girl received a crown cookie cutter this year as one of the ‘favors’.

To make delicious and easy ‘homemade’ cookie, I used the sugar cookie recipe found in my old Betty Crocker Cook Book given to me by my mother in 1969.

Baking Together

While the girls were at the gym with mother, I put together the cookie dough, then set up the space where the girls would help cut out and after cooling, decorate the cookies.

Rhino Strikes Again!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know that I suffer ‘rhino-principle’–which is to say I NEVER believe I am UN-able to make or do anything! I am certain I developed this ‘principle’ due to listening to THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD everyday of my early childhood! “I think I can. I think I can. I know I can!” BTW: I have given each girl her own copy!

So you can imagine my complete surprise, when deciding on the theme for the tea party this year, it never crossed my mind that I needed to know how to paint cookies! If you don’t know how, here’s a fantastic Cookie Painting video tutorial

FYI: Cookie Painting is a skill I plan to develop and perfect in 2013.

Tea Preparations

This year the girls were included in the preparation of the Tea Room as part of the ‘education’ of giving a Tea. Preparations included dusting the tables and chairs while I washed the tea plates, cups and serving dishes. Under supervision, the girls handled setting up the Tea table. They were very proud of a job ‘well done’!

Teaching children all the ‘bits’ about giving a lovely tea not only serves as an education for giving Tea Parties but also provides an opportunity to develop skills and conduct that will be useful in social situations as an adult. 

We all dress appropriately, practice our very best manners including ‘voice modulation’ and suitable ‘Tea Topics’ of conversation.

The deliciousness of the cookies and the enthusiastic cookie decorating efforts and perfect manners of my dear little girls made the Crown and Slipper Tea a complete success!

The final day of our visit ended with hot cocoa filled with hearts…

…and loads of lovely love!


8 thoughts on “Holiday Joyful

  1. omg..just filled my heart ..absolutely precious..I am the grandmother of 4 precious granddaughters and I love doing things with them like arts and craft and playing dolls with them…we are truly blessed..thanks for sharing ..makes me happy to see..way to go Grandmom…

  2. How precious. I loved reading about your traditions. My daughter has just gotten into making cookies and fudge with me this year. And it’s such a treat to watch her eyes light up, specially when it’s finally done and she can eat them!

  3. WTG and I am certain that one of the suitable ‘Tea Topics’ was when the next Tea Meetup was going to happen.

    Sort of goes like this in my neck of the woods ….”Hey y’all let’s get together real soon and do what we do best here in the South –drink tea and enjoy the company of one another”

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