Sit on a Rock for Three Years

Today while visiting with the in-laws of my eldest son, I learned something especially inspiring when sharing the good news about reaching the 2012 Hide A Heart sales goal.

黄金の天馬: 合気道を創始した男. PHP研究所.

Upon expressing my elation and receiving congratulations from Gene, he said, “You know the Japanese have a saying about opening a business: ishi no ue ni mo san nen. Roughly translated, it means sit patiently for three years, even on a rock.”

I have great respect for Gene and always enjoy the discovery of his business genius! Gene is the former President of an Asian Pacific company, Fulbright Scholar and currently a Professor at Sophia University.

Rock of Learning

On a wing, a prayer and over-flowing with enthusiasm, Hide A Heart opened for business in October 2009. The experience has been more gratifying than I ever imagined.

My husband has a tendency to think of the ‘little extras’ I put into each gift that says I love you as somewhat of a ‘labor of love’ because he is always thinking about the bottom line. You see, I do not recover in dollars-n-cents the time investment I put into packaging these little love notes. As a right-brained person I argue to him, “the satisfaction I experience with every order is known as the profit of love.”

“I LOVE LIVING IN THE RIGHT BRAIN!” I say to Gene. It is at this point that both Gene and my husband look at one another and being LEFT-brain gurus, they smile, then shake their heads with little all-knowing winks.

I smile to myself thinking, I love the way I visualize how my brain looks when it is engaged!

How do you engage your brain while sitting on a rock?


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