Antique Basket Lady

October 1, 2012

Besides being a great resource of information and networking opportunity, another terrific perk of being a member of the Networking Together group is that I have discovered the beautiful Artisan handiwork of Sue from Wisconsin, AKA-

So Sue, how did you select the name Antiquebasketlady for your brand and how does it connect to your product?

My name originated from my early selling days on E bay, where I sold baskets. I had many requests for fabric inserts from customers which led to creating totes and then handbags.

How did you select your logo?

My logo picture was suggested by a customer…she loved my little snap purses.

What inspired you to begin designing and creating your products?

I have always loved to create and craft. I love to sew and I am self-taught. I had so many requests for totes and accessories that I was led to begin designing my own products.

Tell us what you love best about your art and how it fills your life.

I love the variety of fabrics available and search constantly for the new and unique. Vintage fabrics inspire me. Creating and sewing are also stress relievers for me. I have a busy ay job as an RN/Lc and it is nice to relax as I sew.

(OMGosh! In the April 2012 What’s Cookin’ at Hide A Heart Central I talk about how I clean toilets at my house as a stress reliever! Sue’s stress reliever skill is ever so much more clever AND profitable!!!)

What made you decide to sell your products?

I decided to sell my products on Etsy due to the many requests from friends and relatives and I needed a site to refer my customers to. I also started selling at art shows.

What has creating your small business taught you?

Having a business has helped me with time management and organization.

What does your blog offer your followers?

My Antiquebasketlady blog is a place that lets me show off some of my newest creations, share some fun sewing ideas and introduce great designers. I throw in a giveaway now and then and may even add some of my favorite places and people!

What else would you like us to know?

I have been an RN/Lactation consultant for 40 years and love working with new parents. I have been married for 40 years to to a very supportive husband who is a retired teacher. We have 2 married daughters and 2, almost 3, granddaughters, whom I love to bits. We have 2 furry children, Louis, a Teddy bear and Maxx, a Havanese.

Besides falling in love with Maxx, you can connect with Sue through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and her wonderful blog. Thanks Sue!

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