Tips from Networking Together on Facebook

I joined a Networking Together group on Facebook that has turned into a RAINBOW move for Hide A Heart! I have developed a plethora of new skills and ‘virtually’ rich friendships.

Our Networking Together group is ‘by invitation only’ and everyone participates at his own level of comfort. Members brainstorm new social marketing ideas together, share tips and articles about social networking and protocol, teach one another new skills. We collectively appreciate that there are NO mistakes or stupid questions, only opportunities for learning.

Is is perfect? No! Is there a core group of active members? Yes! Will some members drop out or think the group is some ‘magic pill for powerful sales’ and become discouraged when sales seem illusive? Yes, but basically one would do well to figure~You’ll get out of the soup what you put into the soup! 

I joined the group over a year ago but I was not particularly active. However, through the group I met a lovely women named Linda. When I was running the Crock Pot Recipe contest during the holidays last year, Linda left a comment. By the time Linda’s sister, Sheila, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, I felt a close tie with our ‘virtual’ friendship and offered to send a purple heart of Hope & Healing to Sheila.

Group History

At first we are mostly a ‘support’ group for one another, posting prayer requests, chit chatting about various topics, where occasionally I would post a funny, pretty or poignant picture with a comment here and there. Linda tried various ‘pages’ to increase social marketing, but nothing really caught the group on fire.

However, Linda Lee Kelly and Deborah Andersen ticked the group up several notches about 3-4 months ago when they put heads together and came up with some Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Google +, Blogging and Pinterest social marketing strategies for group members with fledgling micro-businesses.

Suddenly~bells and whistles began to ring and blow and my participation activity level went through the roof! The daily dose of cross-promotion about quintupled! Not to mention the sudden demand for developing new techie-like skills. Here’s just a small ‘example’ of what I’ve been learning that I am happy to pass along the tips!

1. Permalink

Do you know what a permalink is? Just as the name indicates, it’s a ‘permanent’ link to a Facebook Fan Page or Blog post, Tweet, Pin, or Google+ share.

Do you know how to make one and why it’s important?  It’s important because a permalink takes a lot of work out of ‘recreating’ similar information by making easy to ‘find’ the post on the net and reuse it; Google apparently likes them. Here’s a tutorial about making customized permalinks.

Let me share how to make a permalink for several social locations as a convenience for you!

Google+ permalink-Sign into your Google+ account and click ‘share’. Decide what you want to share and copy/paste the link to that location by clicking on the ‘link’ icon in the Google+ share. Add a comment and any hash (#) tags (I always #SYLink and #redglassheart).

Now BEFORE you post the share, click the little down ‘arrow’ located in the upper right corner of the share page and you will see a list of options. Choose ‘link to this post’. A new window will display the perma link to copy/paste into your newly created list.

REMEMBER to post the share and be sure to ‘label’ on the list for what the perma link connects. Here’s an example of how I label my perma links: perma link for Mattel Tweet

Now when you want to reuse the link, you are ready to add it to Twitter or Pinterest or FB or where ever you wish! When people click on the link, it will take them to your Google+ share.

Click on the photo to see for yourself and PLEASE, be sure to enter the contest to win a Top 10 Romantic Product!

TwitterCompose your Tweet and Tweet it. Click on ‘view my profile’ and find the Tweet you just made. Click on the ‘time’ or date you Tweeted it and the Tweet will appear on a page of it’s own. Copy the URL address in the browser window and save it to that list. You now have the permalink to re-Tweet at will. Click the Tweet photo below for proof! Please consider this your formal invitation to follow me on Twitter @hideaheart!

Facebook-Create a post on your fan page and post it. Now click on the time of the post that is located just under your fan page name. The post will appear on it’s own page. Copy the URL in the browser and paste it to your permalink list. Now you can copy/paste the perma link to a comment section which will take the reader to exactly that post on your fan page. See photo below. Do consider joining the HAHtourage on Facebook too. I look forward to meeting you!

Pinterest-Pin your favorite new thing and post. Now go to the board on which you just pinned the new favorite and click on it where it will appear on a page of it’s own. Copy the URL in the browser and save it to the permalink list. Now you can paste the permalink where ever you want to share the pin to your board! I love this post so much and know I will share it often. I’m looking forward to pinning together!

Yep, it’s that easy!

2. Video

Did you know that video marketing is one of the largest growing ways to promote a product? In fact, there is a school of thought that suggests ‘video marketing‘ will skyrocket past other modes of marketing in the not too distant future. See the Hide A Heart video in the sidebar? It’s my second video effort and Yes! I did include my composition and recording of me singing Heartfire too!

I figure there is always room for ‘video’ improvement. After all, I consider Hide A Heart as a project in progress and a way to keep the HAH fresh!

3. Screen Shots

Do you know how to take ‘screen shots’ and why they ‘come in handy’?

On a MAC, you press the ‘command’ + ‘shift’ + the number ‘4’ keys all a one time. A little icon appears and you hold the spacer bar down once you have positioned the icon at the place to begin the screen shot of the photo or text you want to copy and then move the cursor until you have encompassed the area you want to save then release the cursor and whala! You’ve got a jpg file baby!

Be sure to honor copyrights of the screen shots by ALWAYS giving credit to:

  • The photographer
  • The web page from which you took the shot

JPG files are photo files and very easy to post. Use a photo app like Picassa or Photo Shop to crop or add text to the photo.

You’ll find the screen shot of the jpg file on your desk top and/or in a list titled ‘screenshots’ that shows the time and date taken or in your photo app files. If you click on the text of the screen shot photo, you can change it to a preferred title. I always change the title to the web page from which I took the shot making it easy to give credit due.

When I used a PC, I used an app that was affiliated ‘screen shots’

4. Promo day themes

Our group now have designated days for specific social media promotions. We’ve created a Google+ circle, we use perma links for all our promotions AND I have started a list of those permalinks for HAH promo to make it easy to recapture the link to reuse!

5. Cross-Promotion

The big benefit of actively participating in a group like ours are the myriad of opportunities for cross-promotion. It’s all about EXPOSURE!!! None of us have the budget of the big players, but we are doing our very best to be creative about brand and product promotion through via these examples:

  • Back links
  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Increase in Fan Page, Twitter, Pinterest and Blog Followers
  • Interviews
  • Increased Edge Rank
  • Increased Google traffic
  • Increased product views and activity on web pages
  • Increased promotion and techie skills

All of which we anticipate will lead to an increase in sales. If not, then it’s a great education and opportunity CONNECT with lots of wonderful people we would have otherwise never had the pleasure of knowing existed in the world!

Soup’s on and it’s hot! Want to join me?

If you are ready to bump up your social media cross-promotion activities and are on Facebook, we invite you join us in a couple of ways by joining our Share My Link and I’ll Share Yours and Make New Friends and Increase Your Social Network pages.

If you would like to join our Networking Together Group for your product Fan Page, leave a comment below with a link to your PROFILE page and one of our members will contact you.

In the meanwhile, I want you and all the members of our group to know that being part of this RAINBOW has been a source of great strength and satisfaction for me.


23 thoughts on “Tips from Networking Together on Facebook

  1. well this does tell the story for sure..things we learned and knowing they will stand by us when we have troubles understanding …I have learned so much since joining this group. Thanks to Linda and Deborah for having the insight to develop this group. I look forward to promoting and chatting with them everyday…salute….

  2. Aww…MCathrine! What a special surprise! I’m so glad we have our group! Its been a collective project for sure, its been a great source of info and promoting for everyone. I enjoy networking with everyone.

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  4. I don’t even know the way I finished up right here, but I thought this put up was once good. I do not recognize who you might be but definitely you’re going to a well-known blogger in the event you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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