Sto Lat means…..

For many years when my husband traveled two weeks out of nearly every month for business, I would hide our heart by tucking it into his shaving kit, suit pocket or briefcase. When he found it, he would call me to let me know and tell me how much it meant to him to find that little heart because, “the road can be ‘lonely.” This was one of the ways we were able to keep the language of love alive, even when apart.

Special Opportunity

Whenever I receive a custom order, I try to make an extraordinary gift that says I love you! 

Recently I received a request from one of my Etsy shop owner friends to add a special greeting to the face of a purple heart and in accepting the request I also learned something new!

In Polish, Sto Lat means 100 Years of Good Wishes!

I love that my ‘solo-preneur‘ micro business allows me the option to create something very special!

and personalized!I sometimes receive lovely thank you notes of appreciation and thought I would share the most recent with you.

Feedback Shared by Permission

August 9, 2012


Everything about the heart and package was beyond amazing! My husband was unexpectedly called out of town on Monday; your perfect package just happened to arrive hours before he left, so I was able to hide the heart in his luggage. I can’t wait until he finds it!

Your workmanship and attention to detail is second to none! I feel like I’m wearing out my exclamation point key, but a period at the end of each sentence don’t express how pleased and delighted I am with everything, your beautiful packaging, the gift card with the picture of my heart on it, your wonderful work and the custom heart AND the excellent potpourri! That I kept for myself, as, coincidentally, we had some wet carpeting in our bedroom that day didn’t smell very nice until it could be removed.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful heart being a part of our 30th anniversary. Money was tight this year; I wanted something wonderful, one-of-a-kind and in my budget for my husband and I got it! I loved your products the moment I saw your page and I’ll surely let everyone know about them!

Sincerely, with much appreciation, Sharon

August 12, 2012


The unexpected trip that my husband had out of town was to fill in for a bass player in a blues band. He hasn’t been on the road since 1979. Coincidentally, the band played as part of the summer concert series in Portland a few days ago, and they’re now spending several days in Birkenfeld:-)

My husband called today; his voice sounded peculiar. He was attempting not to weep at the public phone as he was completely stunned to find the Hide A Heart in his luggage. He was so moved that he could hardly speak. He called back a while later to tell me that he has the heart in his pocket and is taking it out to show anyone who might be around to look at it ❤

What an interesting story about your heart in the sugar cannister! It must have hidden there because it was so sweet:-) Whenever something went missing in our house, my Polish grandma used to tell us that we couldn’t find the missing item as the devil had his tail on it! St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost items. He’s helped me many a time find things that have gone missing, possibly due to the devil’s tail, lol 

Many thanks again for the wonderful addition to our anniversary celebration!

Cheers, Sharon

Proszę Bardzo Sharon, Queen of the Elephants!


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