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Note from a Happy Hide A Heart Give Away Winner

“I recently won a HAH via the blog Adventures in Abbyland. I absolutely LOVE it! At first my husband was a bit skeptical. He thought I was kind of crazy because I was so excited over this little glass heart, but then I started hiding it for him…and he started hiding it back for me. Now, it is something really fun …that we do. Currently it is sitting under the cap of his shaving cream in the bathroom so that tomorrow when he shaves in the morning, he will have a nice surprise!” Tiffany Wickstrom

Read all about it!

Hide A Heart is among Honeym❤❤ Top 10 Travel Products for 2009!

And, as a gift that says I love you, Hide A Heart is still one of the most romantic travel products available!

Would you like to win a Hide A Heart as a honeymoon, anniversary or wedding gift for someone you know?


Read one of my favorite stories about our honeymoon, then share your favorite honeymoon and wedding day story in the comment section below.

If selected, I will send you one of our little red glass hearts just like the one my husband and I use to keep the language of love alive in our 40 year marriage!

Contest begins today and the winner will be announced on February 2, 2013, just in time to be delivered for you to give as a Wedding, Anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift that says I love!

Drum Roll

I want to thank each of you entering the contest. All of you shared terrific stories and a test for me to choose the winning entry. After a fair amount of deliberation I chose the story that mentioned ‘the little things in life….’because a little heart means a lot!

Congratulations Michelle!


26 thoughts on “Win a Top 10 Romantic Product!

  1. I loved reading about the driftwood! But, I can honestly say we didn’t have a honeymoon. We couldn’t afford a wedding, so we got married at the courthouse ( long story), we had lunch at McDonalds, and a round of mini golf. But, no regrets, it’s the little things in life that make each day with my hubby so special.

  2. I think that is more romantic than a real wedding..just the two of you dong what you second wedding I was 9 months pregnant…got married in South Carolina by my husband’s (ex now) uncle who was a deacon..his mom was our witness and he put a beer tab on my finger for a ring..lo… lasted 15 years…

  3. Our honeymoon was in Las Vegas. Never realizing that we would be living there several years later. So our honeymoon continues.
    Usually Las Vegas is warm but the day we got married a cold snap went through the area. On our wedding night I wore my socks to bed. My husband laughs at me to this day. It has brought humor to our marriage which is one of the most important aspects of our marriage.

  4. My husband and I had no honeymoon either. We got married in Australia 6 months after we moved there (we lived there for 15 years) Australian Immigration would have deported me otherwise.

    We spent the time after the wedding working on building our business together. 8 years later when we returned to the US to visit my family, we took a stop over in Hawaii. That was the real honeymoon for us. Just sort of delayed!

    What we need now is a second honeymoon back in Australia!

  5. We had just both turned 21. We had become parents a few months before our wedding and had a beautiful baby girl. We hated to leave her. Sweet little baby with chubby legs all snuggled in our bed when we left. We loved her so much we decided not to go far. Only two hours away. Our anniversary was Aug 31. So it was beautiful weather finally in Northern Michigan We went to Traverse City. Which for us small town kids was a big thing. Rented Jet skis our first day there. Forgot to put sunscreen on and I got sun poisoning. We went to the motel to realize we had just spent all the money we had on us on jet skis. We had both walked away with our id’s, credit card and ck books in our one bag. So had to call my mommy and daddy for a bail out. LOL. We had a wonderful time doing lots of things that were free. Luckily our hotel had an amazing 5 star restaurant we ate in breakfast lunch and dinner. We had an amazing time. Sunburn and all. I developed freckles because of that sunburn and My hubby loves them and teases me about them to this day. We missed our baby girl and swore we would never travel without her again. And we rarely have. We celebrated our 21st anniversary this year. I love him more today than I did then. Through struggles and ups and downs in marriage we have been through so much. We have grown to be friends which is so important. Now we live an hour away from out honeymoon spot and go there for a getaway every so often. 🙂 We always go to the same hotel on the beach.

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  7. I don’t know it is romantic or not but (as I came from a hard family) my most important moment was on my wedding day that I’ve got a paper, I’ve got a permission to be with him every day and every night. It was in 1987, and I am glad every day (and every night) when I can be with him. 🙂

  8. The first day of our honeymoon was spent hold up in the hotel room in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. NOT because we didn’t want to go out, but because our luggage had been mis-routed to Mexico City. We figured out what to do though 😉 ~Angelina

  9. Loved the driftwood story :). Thankfully we only collected seashells 12.5 years ago on the beach of Charleston, SC, which we still have. We had a small wedding, my wedding dress was given to me and I bought silk flowers at WalMart. The most expensive part of our wedding was a cheap motel in Charleston, but we had so much fun seeing lots of free places during our honeymoon. We would love to go back there some day!

  10. Thank you so much MCatherine! It will make this anniversary extra special this year! I enjoyed reading everyone else’s stories too!

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