Elation of Beat the Clock!

As a child, I remember my parents watched a game show called Beat the Clock.

There was even a board game based on the same TV program.

Undoubtedly this is where I got the idea that it was a VERY good thing to BEAT THE CLOCK!

Love Notes

The first year of business Hide a Heart sold 200 hearts. In the second year, 268; and in the third year 407. In January, I set a sales goal of 500 hearts for 2012.


Imagine my elation when on July 24th I posted that the 500th Heart was sold in 2012 on the Hide A Heart Fan Page, bringing the total number of people who have received hearts since opening Hide A Heart for business in 2009 to…

Drum Roll…

1375 , not including the hearts I have given away for promotion, samples and gifts that say I love you!

I just love it when a plan comes together!!!


8 thoughts on “Elation of Beat the Clock!

  1. Congratulations! It is truly a heart of gratitude and feeling of accomplishment to meet a goal early on! Best wishes to you my friend! I know these little hearts are special to those that have given and those who have received 🙂

  2. WOW that is just great.. Your hearts (and your own heart) are the tops.
    You are growing so fast and that is the reward for all your hard work. Congratulations on “beating the clock”.

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