D is for Doing

If you have been following this blog, then you know I have a finite, if not a non-existent, advertising budget. So basically I look for ways to market Hide A Heart on air.  I recently discovered a great marketing opportunity combined with a fantastic good for the community connection!

I work for a hospital program that teaches many classes connected with traffic safety injury prevention and through being associated with these classes I meet some extraordinary people. People like Joan who speaks at the Victim’s Impact Panel for class attendees who have been cited for drunk driving. Joan shares her poignant story of being hit by a DUII driver and her recovery. (FYI: Most children killed in a DUII crash are riding in the car of the drunk!)

Joan is an effervescent engaging person. Her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious and when she contacted me to ask if I would be willing to donate a couple of Hide A Heart’s for the Annual Oregon Impact Golf Tournament, I was delighted to oblige not only because of the good work Oregon Impact does in the community but also because of the opportunity to get the Hide A Heart brand on the auction table!

Then I realised I could also have a more important presence by promoting the correct way to wear a safety belt by donating Snug Hug Key Charms to be included in the golf goodie bag.

By the Way

Did you know that most children killed by a drunk driver are riding in the car of the drunk? Securing a child properly in a child passenger safety seat is too often over-looked when the parent is impaired by any chemical.

'Iheart You' traffic safety education charms

I set to work on the first sunny day after a long June gloom that lasted until July 5th! Selected 145 hearts and polished up each one, setting them on a wire carrier.

I glued on the heart shaped bails after attaching the double jump rings to the swivel lobster clasps.

Since I decided to package these ‘goodies’ simply, I had to ‘edit’ the Snug Hugs Story Card to which I affix the charm…

Because I have been in the midst of ‘upcycling’ the downstairs room, the ‘drop dead’ date of delivery was suddenly only 3-days away!

Success is shipping the box off to Oregon Impact this afternoon filled with a product that could be considered Oregon’s equivalent of importance to the Oscar Swags!

I love it when a plan comes together that both serves the greater community + Hide A Heart while also continuing to play my part in being the rainbow in someone’s cloud!

4 thoughts on “D is for Doing

  1. very nice idea – excellent on the follow through.. wonder if there’s any way that you can “track” these “goodies”?

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