My Life as Art

I have been in love with filling up clean sheets of paper with my own handwriting for most of my life. I am fascinated by the idea of how the thoughts flow through me into the pen and on to the paper.

Why write a memoir?

I entertain the idea that my children and grandchildren will have an interest in getting to know more about the girl, the young woman, and the artist who they only narrowly know as Mother and Grandmother. I’d like to think my memoir will be considered as a gift that says I love you, but in truth it may only serve as another path to self-expression.

At the age of 17, I used a spiral notebook to begin chronicling my thoughts about the things going on in my life. There are stacks of these in the closet.


 There are beautiful journals filled with years and years of thoughts and feelings. 

I used journaling for sorting out my emotions during the cancer journey in a diary. I then sent it to Paris with no return address!

I want to reconnect with my ‘authentic self’ 

Thanks to meeting Laurie who is the owner of Capella Memoirs, I have plans to capture the many details, lessons, experiences and cherished memories of my extraordinary ordinary life by writing the stories that make up the tapestry of my life as illustrated by my Life as Art board. 

The hardest part is going to be deciding which story to write first!

Have you reached a time in life to consider writing your memoir?

7 thoughts on “My Life as Art

  1. Wow, that board is amazing! It sure is a work of art all by itself! As to memoir, my blog posts seem to be nits and pieces of memoir, or at least about my struggles with parenting in middle age while caring for an aging mother. Whichever, the writing and warm encouraging feedback give me great comfort.

    • I fully understand the struggle to which you refer. I guess that’s why we are sometimes referred to as the ‘sandwich’ generation! I will drop by your blog also to see what’s up!

    • Hi Sandra, Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments. Also, based on your inquiry, I moved the email subscription option up toward the top of the page. I look forward to you following Hide A Heart’s blog!

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