The Meaning of Heart

The heart (♥) has long been used as a symbol to refer to the spiritual, emotional, moral, and in the past, also intellectual core of a human being. While the heart in the Western world is largely the symbol of love and affection, the heart symbol itself has various meanings throughout other parts of the world.

As the heart was once widely believed to be the seat of the human soul, the word heart continues to be used poetically to refer to the soul, and stylized depictions of hearts are used as prevalent symbols representing love. (Wikipedia)

So it is not surprising a customer recently called to say he would, “like to order sixty ‘Love You’ hearts given out as the keepsake at the Celebration of Life service for my wife.” 

Micro business heart

Since Hide A Heart is a boutique business, I am able and happy to accomodate special requests.

Ready for delivery

Customer Lessons

Quoting a line from the song Getting to Know You written by Oscar Hammerstein:

“There’s a very ancient saying but a true and honest thought that if you become a teacher by your pupils you’ll be taught. As a teacher I’ve been learning, you’ll forgive me if I boast, but I’ve now become an expert on the subject I love most. Getting to Know You.”

Everyday my customers teach me another way to give gifts that say I love you.

13 thoughts on “The Meaning of Heart

  1. Thanks for stopping by to read and leave a comment Michele! The King and I is one of my favorite musicals too. The feedback is: “Everyone at the reception said they loved receiving the keepsake as a remembrance. I’m so glad I asked you to make these for me.”

  2. Love the post and life’s lessons about being a “teacher”…as I have learned much from those I have counseled over the years ….Love the King and I

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