Smiling is Healthy for Brain Joy

Before you spend a lot of money on health aids, you have access to one without spending a dime! It’s known as the ‘smile quotient’ and it is quantifiable ‘brain joy’!

Songwriters and screenwriters, authors and psychologist have tagged the importance of smiling for years.

Mother’s throughout time have known that laughter is the best medicine!

Now the health benefits of smiling has actually been quantified as reported in this article about the untapped Power of Smiling!

Hide A Heart®=Smile Power

Whenever a heart is hidden and discovered in a sugar canister, under a pillow, pile of laundry, in a backpack, lunch sack, purse, computer bag, briefcase, tool box, make-up bag, jacket pocket, medicine cabinet, desk drawer, refrigerator ….someone smiles; it’s a simple gift that says I love you.

By the way, blue is the color of possibility!


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