Suck Eggs, Make Them Starry or Follow the Carnegie Motto

Call me crazy! Call me gutsy! Call me madame d’art! Adding that Amazon, Etsy, Nest Interiors, and FacebookFanPage is cross-promoting Hide A Heart.

For the past two years I have enjoyed a wonderful affiliation with HospitalGiftShop through whom I sell only the purple glass hearts for wellness. HGS’ tag line is SAME DAY BEDSIDE DELIVERY.

The affiliation was fortuitous from the beginning because my eldest son happened to be the neighbor of the founder of the business and mentioned my purple heart idea to Jason, who requested a sample and immediately added the purple Hope & Healing heart to the product listings. HGS is connected with over 300 hospitals throughout the US. Selling through HGS has been a fabulous marketing and sales opportunity for Hide A Heart! I am thrilled to be affiliated and sales of have been steadily growing every month.

Mistakes and Learning

Hide A Heart is located in Oregon. Patients spend an average of 2.5 days in the hospital. USPS Priority shipping takes 2-3 day for delivery…can you see where I’m going with the SAME DAY BEDSIDE DELIVERY promise?

About three weeks ago I noticed that I had not received an order from HGS for a few days, which is highly unusual. I visited the online store and found that HGS changed the note to read: FOR HOME DELIVERY ONLY and that’s when I sent an email inquiring about the change.

I spoke with Jason and asked what had been the motivation for changing the note about our product. That’s when he shared with me that although HGS noted in the listing that the Hope & Healing purple heart is NOT a ‘same day’ delivery but a 2-3 day delivery and please check I understand this is not a same day delivery, Jason found that some customers ordering flowers and the purple heart were disappointed when the flowers and purple heart were not delivered together. He said, “People love your product when they receive it.” and went on to say, “Believe me, my staff and I talked about it for a long time before we changed anything.”

Since the change, purple heart orders have substantially dropped off and that’s when I realised the time honored advice for avoiding mishaps, “If you don’t want broken eggs, never put all your eggs into one basket!”

With further discussion, Jason suggested one remedy to the issue would be to stock the purple heart in Hospital Gift Shops and I assured him, “it is available in seven hospital gift shops, but of course that’s not 300!” We discussed ‘over-night’ shipping, but the least that would cost would be $31.00, not a viable choice.

Rhino Principle Rescue Plan

Because I am the veritable POSTERFACE for Rhino Principal Practice and ever ready to problem solve issues for my small business, I immediately started advertising in Cindy’s Hospital Gift Shop Newsletter of 25 words:

Perfect for hospital gift shops! Purple ‘Hope & Healing’ and ‘Pink Ribbon’ GLASS HEARTS. Beautifully packaged for comfort and support keepsake or talisman. Pricing details

Motto for Broken Eggs:

If you don’t want to suck eggs, better make them starry! On the other hand,  Andrew Carnegie touted, “The wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket.”

Today I reached out to a prominent online floral site, who, BTW, requested samples–no guarantee, but it’s a start. Besides no one ever dies from being rejected and ‘No’ never was a word I completely accepted as ‘final’.

How many baskets hold your eggs?


2 thoughts on “Suck Eggs, Make Them Starry or Follow the Carnegie Motto

  1. YOU SO ROCK!! NOTHING will ever stand in your way, I LOVE that!! In a situation that may have knocked someone else down, you take it head on and get the job done!! You are an amazing woman! Let us know how it goes with the florist!!

  2. Oh, great post. You know this is true for social media, too, right? We always say: Do not put all your eggs in the (Facebook) basket. Own your won URL, have a website, do Fb, but also Twitter, G+, YouTube etc. Diversify and make sure you’ve spread the ‘luv’ around. Just in case something or someone makes a decision about you or your product without consulting you!

    Great post! 🙂

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