Somewhere in My Youth and Childhood

When growing up, my two favorite musicals were Peter Pan and The Sound of Music. One ignited my imagination with the wonder of magic and the other opened my eyes to beauty and exquisite possibility. Undoubtedly some psychologically illuminating tidbit about me! Nevertheless, magic and possibility are the components that make up the transfusion cocktail to which I have clung all my life.

Match Made

I grew up believing my life would be like a movie musical and that everything my husband and I would say to one another would be expressed through singing and dancing, thus facilitating the lovely happily ever after ending to any conversation, occasion or disagreement.

I can still see the look of disbelief on his face when I mentioned my expectation. I cannot imagine the despair he must have felt knowing there was no “way in hell” he was going to be able to fill it! Yet, miracle of miracles, he did! Clearly somewhere in my youth and childhood, I must have done something good.” (Rodgers and Hammerstein)

While my husband is tone deaf and cannot sing, he seemed to intuitively understand the importance of filling my long held philosophy.

Early in our marriage, after seeing the ballet Swan Lake with my mother, I reported to him how “Nureyev had the prowess and grace of a young lion!” So one day he bought and donned a pair of pink tights. Upon arriving home from work he leaped into the bedroom landing like a cannon ball on two feet and then catapulted into the middle of the bed! I went hysterical with laughter. I think this could qualify for recommendations on the Dr. Phil ‘Good Marriage list!

Still, he needed to figure out a romantic but ‘non-verbal‘ simple yet exciting way to meet my expectation and amazingly, he did it by hiding a little glass heart.

Of course, he could not have known how that tiny gesture would endure through over 35 years of marriage and grow into our ‘perpetual love note‘ and ultimately become our Hide A Heart company!

My husband‘s health has begun to fail, but our love for one another continues to deepen. We continue to hide a heart to surprise one another and every single time I find it, I sing a song of love to him and dance in circles of delight around my sweetie.

How will you nurture your relationships this Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year?


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