Pinning on Pinterest

In case you have not yet joined or have joined Pinterest but are a little unclear as to how to create boards and then ‘pin’ your favorite products, perhaps this tutorial will be of interest.

Joining Pinterest

One must be ‘invited’ to join Pinterest. Open a browser and type: where on the page you will see the button to REQUEST AN INVITE. Please send an email to and I will invite you to join.

Once you are ‘accepted’ by Pinterest, you will receive a Pinterest address that will look like mine for Hide A Heart: but it showing your name at the end of the address. I keep all web addresses along with other details in a word doc for easy reference and peace of mind!

Set up the profile with your picture and information.

Open a second browser windows. For example: #1 for Your Etsy Shop; #2 for Your Pinterest page

Make a ‘board’

On the upper right side there are three tabs: Add+ , About, Your Name. Click ‘Add+’ and scroll to ‘Create a board’ where you will choose a title for the products you will want to pin onto that board that fit the category.

For example: ‘My Work’ Open the browser window and go to your Etsy Shop. Return to Pinterest and click ‘add +’ then decide if you are going to Add a pin or Upload a pin by downloading a product picture from your computer.

Upload a pin

Go to your pictures file to select the picture and then click ‘Open’ Wait for the download to appear and add it to the board category of your choice. Add a description or comment then click ‘Pin it’

Add a pin

Open a new browser and go to your Etsy Shop and click on one of your listings.  Copy/paste the URL address from the browser window for the listing and paste it into the FIND IMAGES window. Wait for download, then add a description and ‘Pin it’.

You can also scroll down you  listing to the Pinterest button Etsy added and click it and add it to the board into which you want to ‘Pin it’.

Sharing Pinterest

Search for ‘friends’ you may know, visit their boards and pin their stuff! Also, share your Pinterest address when ‘liking’ other FB pages, visiting Share My Link , or when appropriate and relevant, when leaving a comment on Handmadeology, EverythingEtsy, and your other favorite blogs so you can ‘spread’ your pins far and wide; a great way to get your name out on the web while being generous with the product and promotion of others! You will be delighted by the response!

More Pinterest Resources

 Additional Pinterest guidance found on

Thanks to a recent post by FindingCharm, read 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest


Beginning January 18 Pinterest can be added to your Facebook Timeline!


Once you begin pinning, you will be ecstatic and engrossed for a while!

Happy Pinning!

7 thoughts on “Pinning on Pinterest

  1. I try and go on for a little bit a day but Man oh man is that place addicting. I get lost over there so I set a timer for 10 minutes and force myself to get back to work.

  2. I was at the home and garden show today teaching social media to a bunch of contstruction workers. One of them raised his hand and said “What is this Pinterest thing all about” I went on to describe it like an online magazine scrapbook, and he started to get it, but then when I said “Ladies like to drink wine and go through Pinterest pinning things at night” he laughed and nodded…… I think he got it. 😛

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